War News 5-30-2017

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War News 5-30-2017

Post  Admin on Tue May 30, 2017 5:01 am

Rapid reaction forces continue to advance in Zanjili and kill leaders and snipers in Badash

Tuesday 30 May 2017 - 11:46 p

Commander of the Rapid Response Division of the Federal Police Major General Thamer al-Husseini said that the military units of his brigade continue to advance in the Zanjili area north of the old city in Ayman Mosul.

Al-Husseini said in a statement to Al-Marbad radio that the military units of the rapid reaction forces were able, during their advance, to kill many terrorists, including leaders and snipers, detonate a group of crushed wheels and seize three others, as well as the seizure of headquarters for the leadership and another for the medicine.

He added that the coming hours will witness the liberation of this region as well as the health and healing, although the enemy is fighting fiercely in those areas.



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Re: War News 5-30-2017

Post  Admin on Tue May 30, 2017 5:29 am

Liberation dates collide with the old Mosul knot and the fate of civilians

 Baghdad / Wael Ne'ma

A small number of residents of the old city, in the center of Mosul, found a way to escape to the military units, before they were besieged in the past two weeks.
But the organization has become more aggressive in dealing with the people who are arrested as they try to flee the "land of succession" as the organization calls the areas still under its control.

Officials in Mosul say Dahesh is now killing the fugitives and hanging their bodies in front of bystanders, in order to deter the rest of the population trying to flee the theater.

In recent weeks, according to officials, he has condescended somewhat to the escape of the people of the Old City, believing that his last battle is still far away.

Two days ago, the joint forces are approaching the last three neighborhoods adjacent to the Old City, most of which are under control.

Tight conditions in the Old City have caused a large number of civilians to give the military leadership conflicting dates to resolve the battle.

There is a new ceiling in Mosul for the end of military operations, which is the middle of the current month of Ramadan. The last date is the third this month, after the last ceiling was the beginning of the current month of Ramadan, and the date before it was before the month of fasting.

On Saturday, joint forces began attacking the last stronghold on the right-hand side of the Old City. Three military formations took part in the process, which is expected to be resolved quickly.

The battle in central Mosul is likely to be difficult and costly for civilians, and this has prompted the military leadership, recently, to change its plan and demand that residents of these neighborhoods go out.

According to local officials, going out will not be easy with a keen interest in hiding among civilians as long as possible.

With the start of the liberation of Mosul in mid-October, the military leadership urged the people of Mosul to stay home and not leave, but failed in relief operations and evacuation, killing at least a thousand people in recent months, according to estimates of local officials.

Body Representation
"He started to kill the fugitives and put their bodies in front of pedestrians," said Khalaf al-Hadidi, a member of Nineveh provincial council.

The latest military offensive to liberate the last three neighborhoods north of the Old City is expected to impose a tight siege on the Old City.

"The joint forces are approaching control of al-Zanjili and other neighborhoods," Hadidi said in a telephone interview with Al-Mada.

But he does not hide his fear that the siege would push an insurgent to use his latest papers, which may be chemical weapons. "Before the loss of the neighborhood organization close to the old city, he was ignoring the escape of the population, but today he will not, and he will remain hidden," he says.

And spread a group of snipers on the roofs of houses, to prevent the escape from the city, in addition to put a number of cars mined in the entrances and exits of residential neighborhoods.

The number of militants inside the old city ranges from 1,500 to 2,000, mostly foreigners.

Lieutenant General Abdul Ghani al-Asadi, head of the anti-terrorist forces, said yesterday that his forces "killed 119 members of the organization, mostly foreign militants in the city's first health district."

Hadidi expects the fighting to continue for another month in Mosul in terms of "urban complexities in the old city and population density."

More than two months ago, the federal police cordoned off the old city, without a clear resolution. During that period, the police lost a number of fighters, including two high-ranking officers. The agency is likely to take part with the Interior Ministry forces as part of a military plan to liberate central Mosul.

Officials in Mosul have called for the federal police to be assigned to other districts in Mosul.

Local officials predicted that Interior Ministry forces would face trouble fighting a street war to liberate the Old City, compared to the anti-terrorism apparatus.

last date
"The battle of the Old City is not easy," said Ahmad al-Jarba, a deputy for Nineveh. "But Mosul will be completely liberated in two weeks."

Al-Jarba attributes the announcement of the military leadership more than a time to complete the liberation operations to "besiege the civilians, and that he has no other choice other than confrontation."

But Hadidi said that "the two-week date could be achieved if the military forces carried out an unconventional plan to liberate the old city." "No one knows how the troops will deal with that region," he said.

Al-Jarba added that the forces are dealing with the civilians with great caution, especially after the losses caused by the American bombing last March.

In Thursday's report, the Pentagon acknowledged the worst mistake it had made during the crackdown on a militant organization. The report estimated that 105 civilians were killed in a March 17 bombing in Mosul, but attributed the proceeds to explosives stored by insurgents using civilians in their battles.

"There were car bombs parked near the houses," he said.

Local estimates of the number of victims in that incident ranged from 200 to 500. The wrong strike targeted a street in the center of Mosul that exceeds 70 meters long and houses 30 houses.

But MP Ahmad al-Jarba refuses to give information on the number of dead on the right coast, which he says is greater than the victims of eastern Mosul.



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