Abadi: We will eliminate terrorism completely

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Abadi: We will eliminate terrorism completely

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 7:04 AM

Baghdad / Alaa al-Taie Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haider Abadi, the success of the conduct of military operations and the determination of our forces to resolve the battle and revenge of the "da'ash" fully, stressing that the terrorism that was defeated in the field by our heroic forces is trying to achieve a media victory by targeting Innocent people, the security breach in Baghdad has returned to an intelligence imbalance rather than a security collapse.

Abadi announced a plan to secure the Iraqi-Syrian border to prevent the infiltration of terrorist gang, and in the political affairs confirmed Abadi to hold the elections on time according to constitutional timings. This came in conjunction with the regular session of the Council of Ministers held on Tuesday, as voted on raising the sponsor of the conditions for granting loans project Basmajh exclusively. The council urged the acceleration of the procedures of the national card in Baghdad and the provinces, while calling for speeding up the procedures of security checks for staff in the liberated areas of Nineveh province.

"There is great progress for our forces in Mosul," he said. "There is great progress for our forces in Mosul," he said. "The declaration of the final victory is soon." He explained that "cowardly terrorism seeks revenge Of the civilians to compensate for the defeat in Mosul, "adding that" terrorism is besieged, and we will not keep terrorists from anyone, and we will avenge them all, "explaining that" the bombings in Baghdad recently were random and not targeted a specific component, has targeted terrorism all Iraqis and civilians without discrimination, Warning of "the attempts of some - through my perception Their support for terrorism and its goals and plans to instigate discrimination. " He called on the Iraqis to maintain their unity and cohesion and fight terrorism and support the security services and not to create a division between the formations of security forces against the background of violations that occur, "noting that" terrorism is trying to create sedition and reduce the size of victories achieved by the heroes of our armed forces in battles, "has a review of security plans to ease Zhamat and activate the intelligence effort to counter the attack suffered by Iraq," explaining that "edit western side of Nineveh, down to the Iraqi-Syrian border is an important aspect of our plan strategy to defeat terrorism," revealed Abadi, a plan prepared by General Commander of the Armed Forces in coordination with the joint forces and the popular crowd for the Iraqi-Syrian border to prevent infiltration of securing terrorism, and put an end to the security in the loose border since 2003 ". "The victories of our armed forces in all its factions make us more optimistic and confident in resolving the battle and winning it," he said. "noting that" our security forces capabilities have become stronger and better intelligence to reduce future violations and thwart terrorist plots, and have re-considered security plans in parallel with the development of the skills of the security forces in various configurations; especially on the side of the monitoring and anti-terrorism". The commander-in-chief of the armed forces announced the launch of joint operations at dawn on Tuesday to "follow up and pursue terrorist cells and hiding places and uncover their dens and arms caches in cooperation with civilians in the desert areas west of Anbar." Abadi said that "our heroic forces are working to liberate citizens from obscurantist forces. Mosul and other areas, "explaining that" the leadership of operations (coming Aaninoy) directed the people of the remaining areas in Mosul to leave, and provided safe corridors for their exit towards our security forces, and provide a plan for the protection of the remaining in their homes. " "It was agreed that the joint leadership between the army and the Peshmerga in the liberation operations south of Sinjar and other areas," Abadi said, adding that "the government adopted a plan to return the displaced to their areas and to hold the land by the Iraqi security forces."

Elections Constitutional Ptoukatha Turning Abadi, on the side of the conference to "the negative effects reflected by some political statements following the terrorist bombings, while Iraq fighting a battle to resolve with the toughest elements of terrorism and pursuing them in their hideouts until they were defeated, which has become close," calling on "politicians to adhere to national unity in order to preserve the morale of the fighters on the battlefield, "and added," even the divided countries among them, agree all the support of Iraq, thanks to the achievements that you see today of breaking the thorn terrorism and the unity of the Iraqis that did not touch it like this in the past, and the Iraqis Unitarians today will not let no Foreign countries and the authorities of interfering in the affairs of their country. " In the political affairs, Abadi stressed "adherence to the constitutional timing of the elections," calling on the political blocs to abide by them, and said: "No one can postpone the elections or change their constitutional timing, and we confirm their action on time whether the election law was legislated by Parliament or not legislated; then on the law in force, "Abadi said that" most of the political blocs with the postponement of provincial elections, while the government sees to be held next September 16 also confirms the government and calls for a commitment to the constitutional Baltoukitat electoral cycle parliamentary, which is 4 years and hold them in all the Including the provinces liberated, "al-Abadi assured citizens" to maintain the constitutional and political process and the legitimacy and the dimensions of arms and armed manifestations from the elections. "

"The role of the national media in the transfer of battles and the sacrifices of the heroes, although the reality of the field of our heroines in the battles exceeds the size of the media," Abadi expressed his surprise at the calls by some to form an "emergency government" Stressing "adherence to the Constitution and the political process," describing those calls as "early election propaganda," calling on "politicians to freeze their differences or postpone their campaigns to the pre-election date a month to carry out propaganda campaigns," stressing that "terrorism will not be able to carry out criminal acts Except N through incubators supported by the growing differences, injustice and corruption, "Abadi renewed calls for" Autism beyond "Daesh" to build and service the country away from political bickering. "

"It is still moving from and to Iraq, and the plan is based on controlling the borders that have become corridors of activities and armed groups in 13 years ago," noting that "the process of urban liberation - which was not announced, but in after-was aimed at clearing the border areas and border control. " "Our armed forces are unified and within one leadership, including the joint forces and the popular crowd, and they are working under the command of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces," Abbadi said. "The next phase may witness escalation and attempts by the terrorist enemy. The steps to develop security plans and reduce security measures on the ground, especially affecting the citizen and the intensification of intelligence work and information effort, "stressing that" the measures adopted over the past 13 years have not been developed, and was enough to set up controls and impose curfew. " Abadi pointed out that "some violations are behind them, some of them related to the intelligence agencies or weak rings in them," noting that "terrorism seeks to repeat those operations and breaches that can not be called a collapse of security in accordance with some of the operations that hit the entire world, in the final stages of the removal of "Daesh", and the recent terrorist assaults that targeted civilians in Baghdad, only to achieve psychological support and the triumph of media for the remaining elements of the defeated and attracting new elements after field defeat at the hands of our heroine in Mosul. "

In the file of kidnappings, Abadi stressed, "the formation of special cells to follow up the subject accurately and to announce the details later until the completion of these cells of its functions in full," and on the accusations of some politicians to the government of default , Abadi stressed that "leave it to citizens assess the government's performance in judging the extent of change in the economic and security aspects", and criticized Abadi statements by some politicians on fears of foreign intervention and the postponement of the elections, stressing that it "statements unjustified and fears of actors do not have the weight of "Abadi expressed his support for the formation of electoral lists transient to the component or regional and includes all the spectrum of the Iraqi people on the condition of the selection of competent and faithful figures to promote the reality of Iraq," he said, Abadi also refuted the statements of some politicians about the terrorist bombings in Baghdad, saying it was "seeking to stir up public opinion," and explained that "the government has information but is still under investigation and will be disclosed later."

Cabinet meeting and the Cabinet held on Tuesday its regular meeting under the chairmanship of Dr. Haider al-Abadi, said the Information Office of the Prime Minister in a statement received "morning," a copy of it, that the Council discussed the issue of investment in the integrated residential project in Maysan province, the Council directed that complemented the National Investment Commission details required in the light of what has been in the cabinet meeting. The Council of Ministers voted to lift the condition of the sponsor of the terms of granting loans for the project exclusively Basmaya, and mortgage the housing unit of the banks (Rafidain, Rasheed and Commercial Bank), and voted on the conclusion of a contract between the Iraqi oil tanker company and the Arab Maritime Transport Company, Of its capital, and also directed the Council to accelerate the procedures of the national card in Baghdad and the provinces. The Council directed the Ministry of Finance to transfer 25 billion dinars from the budget of the Ministry of Transport to the account of the company "Dio" South Korean implementation of the project of the breakwater west of the port of Faw, and the formation of a committee to negotiate with a company that offered to refer to an investment project, and the Council to form a committee to review the draft planning law Al-Omrani, and directed the Council of Ministers also to expedite the procedures of security audit of staff in the liberated areas of Nineveh province.



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