Decisions of the Council of Ministers in a meeting on Tuesday

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Decisions of the Council of Ministers in a meeting on Tuesday

Post  Admin on Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:40 am

Baghdad - June 6, 2017: The Council of Ministers held its regular session on Tuesday, 6 June 2017 under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider Abadi.

According to a statement issued by the Prime Minister's Information Office, a vote was taken on the establishment of a factory for the production of cards and passports attached to the unified national card project.

In addition, a number of decisions were taken on the health side, namely the completion of the Thalassemia building project at Ibn al-Baladi Hospital, in exception to Cabinet Resolution No. 347 of 2015 as one of the important strategic projects within the geographical area of ​​Baghdad Health Department.

The council agreed to complete the 40-bed hospital project in Dujail.

The bill on HIV testing was voted on.

An amendment to the State Council Bill was also introduced.

A bill was also voted to change the name of the provinces of Qadisiyah and Tamim to the provinces of Diwaniya and Kirkuk.

The Cabinet discussed the requirements of the Ministry of Defense in addition to the supplementary budget for 2017 and the entitlements of contractors. Finished


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