Opportunities are coming

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Opportunities are coming

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 23, 2017 1:53 pm

Author: Yasser Metwally

23/7/2017 12:00 am

Economic, financial and business experts view the next phase of the richest investment opportunities that global companies are looking for in building and building
But it is natural that the requirements to achieve this goal requires large amounts of money to absorb the implementation of it is true that the major international companies are the owner of the step in the acquisition of the money and the modern technology and interest required, but there are challenges and outstanding effects hinder the entry of these companies with large sums of money. What is required in front of this
 the challenge?
That Iraq's need for funds is greater than we imagine to cover the reconstruction and reconstruction due to the infrastructure suffered from the total destruction and strategic projects of disruption and decline.
Therefore, the Iraqi banking sector in general has rich opportunities to contribute to the implementation of these projects through various means through funding, partnership or implementation
But since the capital of private banks is weak compared to the requirements of financing construction and reconstruction, what is the solution to this
 the challenge?
In a press interview with the banking expert Faisal Al-Hims, I asked him about his evaluation of the banking performance. He said: "Let's evaluate now. Let the question be what is required of the banking sector in the next stage.
As well.

Said: The right way for banks to provide the requirements of the next stage is the integration of banking to raise the amount of funds capable of meeting the requirements of companies
The banks must be aware of the seriousness of dependence on the only product is the currency window, which may end its mission in the next stage, what will do private banks
Therefore, it is now necessary to think about looking for a profitable and successful investment that can not be achieved without integration
 The banker.
Adding to the opinion of the banking expert why fear of banking integration, they noted that the major Gulf banks are merged to raise their capital to meet the challenges
And risks.
It is necessary to leave the bureaucratic view of dealing with banking and to turn to the real interest embodied in good governance and rewarding partnership
This is the advice of experts for the advancement of the banking sector again with the clarity of letters of correspondent banks to the requirements of attracting money and companies.



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