The next stage and the laws in force

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The next stage and the laws in force

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:42 pm

Author: Yasser Metwally

30/7/2017 12:16 am

 What awaits everyone after the state of myth has fallen?
Perhaps the great victory achieved by Iraq in breaking the thorn of terrorism due to the pure blood that rotated the soil of the homeland provided by the martyrs of honor and chastity and defending the sovereignty of the homeland, all eyes are heading towards the next stage.
As it is necessary to survey the effects of aggression and cleanse the land of their unclean through the reconstruction and construction of Iraq in general, while maintaining priorities of course for the regions
The destroyer.
And the launch of the reconstruction and construction of Iraq will not come as a result of the failure of all the provinces of the decline in the implementation of projects and the destruction of infrastructure has also caused the war.
Two of the costs of rebuilding and rebuilding the country are very expensive, as they are not provided by the reconstruction fund allocated to them, but we need many billions.
And this creates an attractive environment for foreign investment and is waiting for such a day, especially Iraq has a large untapped natural resources with the need for many of the world's largest investment companies to opportunities such as that available here in Iraq after being affected by the global crisis and the decline of project opportunities in the world.
Perhaps this advantage is pushing for the revision and amendment of the laws in force to encourage companies to enter Iraq, as some of them are still hesitant for many reasons and here the need for legislation guaranteeing the preservation of companies and their property.
At the local level, encouraging facilities are required for the Iraqi private sector to contribute to reconstruction and construction, as well as amending the law on excluding banks, allowing them to have partnerships, direct implementation and other customs and tax laws.
Then, the economic reform package launched by the government and took its way to implementation a little bit is also need to be reviewed in accordance with the requirements of the next phase, the stage of reconstruction and construction, especially in the activation of productive sectors are also require new laws to enable them to start without the challenges of administrative interventions and the desire of this official Change whether or not there should be enforceable laws for executive departments such as privatization, restructuring and others
We hope to prepare early for all the requirements of construction and construction before the start of the next stage to provide the children of this homeland and to enjoy a free and dignified life worthy of the name of Iraq, its international standing and its well-known potential. We hope this message, which aims to enhance the process of construction and development and accuracy


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