Next week .. High Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad to discuss the referendum

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Next week .. High Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad to discuss the referendum

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Political figures in the region warn of repeating the bitter experience of the Republic of Mahabad
Baghdad / Follow-up morning
A source in the presidency of the Kurdistan region of Iraq on Wednesday, a visit to Baghdad during the days of a high-level Kurdish delegation to discuss with the federal government the question of referendum, which the authorities planned to take place on September 25 next. This comes at a time when Kurdish political figures expressed concern about Repeating the experience of the "Republic of Mahabad" bitter on the Kurdish people in the event of a referendum amid the local atmosphere, regional and international inappropriate. While the Iraqi Christian parties objected to the timing of the referendum and conduct before knowing their legal and constitutional rights in some areas of Nineveh Plain and areas within the territory. The Prime Minister Haider Abadi said in a press statement on Tuesday that "the position of Baghdad is clear, they consider that the referendum is more than serious and not only the illegality of the referendum, but beyond to create new problems," stressing that "all Iraqi parties respect the Kurds and A new step must be within the Iraqi constitution, which everyone considers a national charter, "pointing out that" the interests of Kurdish citizens in Iraq do not lie in the separation and exit from the unity of Iraq, especially the existence of the federal ruling on it. "

Kurdish Delegation
A source in the presidency of the Kurdistan region, on Wednesday, that a high-level delegation will visit Baghdad next week, to discuss formally the question of the referendum scheduled for next September.
"A high-level delegation intends to visit the federal capital of Baghdad soon, and will discuss the issue of the referendum formally with officials and official bodies in the government," said Horman Hawrami, political adviser to Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani, during a tweet posted on his Twitter page. "The Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad before August 10 to discuss the referendum on the independence of the region scheduled for September 25," Hawrami said. "After visiting Baghdad, the delegation will visit the neighboring countries to discuss the issue of the referendum with them," Hawrami said. Stressing that "the Referendum is a natural right of the people of Kurdistan and to everyone working on the success of that process, "according to press leaks (not confirmed or denied by the morning), the delegation will be headed by Massoud Barzani and Rasool, and representatives of political parties in the Kurdistan region.

Fake news
In the context, denied another official in the Office of the Presidency of the Kurdistan region, to be the President of the region Massoud Barzani sent a letter to the Presidents of the Republic and the ministers in Baghdad on the referendum of Kurdistan.
The adviser Kifah Mahmoud, in a statement followed by "morning" on Wednesday, "What has been circulated on the guidance of the President of the Territory warning through a letter to both President Fuad Masum, and Prime Minister Haider Abadi, shame on health, and fabricated news is irrelevant To the policy of the presidency of the region and its ethics, "as he put it, and denied the Kurdish official news published by the newspaper" Okaz "Saudi Arabia in this regard in toto.

Rejection and fears
Despite the confirmation of political leaders in Erbil, the existence of consensus from various Kurdish parties to hold the referendum, but the parties and political leaders expressed their rejection of the timing of the referendum and the circumstances surrounding it, less than a week after the announcement of the prominent Kurdish businessman Sashwar Abdul Wahid, the start of political movement to reject the procedure Referendum; Kurdish "Islamic Group" on Tuesday expressed its fears that the result of the referendum and the circumstances of the timing of the outcome of the "Republic of Mahabad" bitter on the Kurds. "The Kurdish people have the same right as other peoples to live as they want in their homeland, and the issue of the referendum is a preliminary step for independence, and this is normal and legitimate," said Ali Babir, a leader of the Islamic Group, Movement of change) and some other characters we have observations on the atmosphere in which the referendum will be held, especially the timing of its conduct and the atmosphere surrounding it. The Kurdish leader said that "the date of the referendum was not decided by a binding official authority, because the date was set at a party meeting headed by Massoud Barzani and some parties that were in harmony with this meeting. At the same time there must be harmony and internal understanding at the provincial level to hold the referendum , And I believe that harmony is now missing in Kurdistan and the understanding and consultation is missing at the level of political parties, "as explained by Papper," The region suffers from a deteriorating economic situation and political situation is crisis, and there is a social situation disintegrated and a tense security situation, and there is a regional atmosphere must be studied Strictly, all these things must To be resolved before the referendum, "asserting that" the Islamic Group "does not want to repeat the experience of" Republic of Mahabad. "

The Assyrian position
In turn, considered the Assyrian Democratic Movement, on Wednesday, that the time is "inappropriate" to hold a referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan region, stressing the need to remove the Nineveh Plain from conflicts.

"A delegation from the leadership of the Assyrian Democratic Movement met with the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani and discussed with him the position of the Assyrian people from the referendum," said movement leader Ashur Sarkun in an interview on Wednesday. "It is necessary to guarantee the rights of our people at all levels and achieve real partnership To the Assyrian people in the three presidencies and all institutions and joints of the state, "and stressed on the need to remove the Nineveh Plain from the conflicts," explaining that "the time is not appropriate to hold the referendum in the Nineveh Plain."

The objections to the referendum referendum on the geographical boundaries of Iraq, Assyrians m Lemon in the United States of America for their rejection of the referendum scheduled to take place in Kurdistan, where they raised slogans such as the word of the representative of the region, Bayan Sami Abdul womb N, during a symposium in Washington, "the American Institute of Peace" on the future of minorities in Iraq, on Tuesday, and showed footage, that "young Assyrians raised slogans calling on the provincial government to lift its hand on the Nineveh Plain, confirming their rejection of the referendum to be held in the 25 of next September, "and noted" the lack of freedom of expression in the Kurdistan region and the government there is not democratic. "


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