The future of the Iraqi economy in the digital age

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The future of the Iraqi economy in the digital age

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:06 pm

Author: Dr. Appearance of Mohammed Saleh

06/8/2017 12:00 am

The World Economic Forum at the Dead Sea held its conference in May 2017 under the theme of Empowering Generations for the Future. Discussions focused on the issue of the operation of youth forces in the digital age or the current technological revolution.

Faced with the phenomenon of the inability of large companies to employ large numbers of young labor force to create high-density technology and the inability of governments to provide employment opportunities (especially young nations with about 6 percent of the total labor force) because of the small e-government principle, The opportunities for employment are to achieve the so-called ECO system: the accelerated interconnection of all talented youth and entrepreneurial capacities supported by the innovations of the digital age to form productive and beneficiary incubators simultaneously through dynamic management behaviors It is a combination of managerial leadership, innovation and talent to generate new products and new markets, all of which are the basis of the ecosystem of small and medium-sized enterprises

The role of the state will remain the main provider of infrastructure (physical and legal), facilitating business and simplifying procedures, while emphasizing the principle of the establishment of a state-owned enterprise, Partnership and interaction between the State and the market.

Important economic theory issues have also been raised in the concept of digital market equilibrium. For example, the Marshall Law in Supply and Demand (to determine equilibrium prices) has introduced a new concept in the balance of the digital market.

Digital equilibrium prices represent the equivalent of demand with supply.

(The presentation here represents the containment of all problems, including the problems of infrastructure and government bureaucracy and others, and get them to the minimum through simplification of procedures and transparency of regulatory regulations).

Thus, the summary of the ideas presented by the ecosystem is the main exit of the operating system and the face of unemployment through the intensity of the new product, which facilitates the growth of those digital tools

And its information capabilities, whether in the field of setting up business incubators, a system of low-cost residential units, solar energy, modern technology in agriculture or the use of artificial intelligence, ie, establishing small, medium and interrelated production units that operate on a unified digital database in the exchange of information to form the optimal ecosystem. An effective force for the basic operation of young manpower.

Note that Iraq in its current circumstances is in dire need of an effective step to assemble the leading SMEs to form the nucleus of an ecosystem available for domestic or international funding, whether from international funding agencies or the lending project of the Central Bank or others to achieve the digital age and its privileges in the operation of young labor and generation New products based on a soft database for each product group. For example, the Arab world currently spends more than $ 1.2 billion annually on translation, which is an opportunity to create modern digital translation modules as an ecosystem component and examples. Li it
a lot.

Therefore, we see the importance of a new digital era for Iraq and two basic pillars:
The first is to start a system of leading youth companies (SMEs, s) in various fields such as agriculture, construction and production branches with digital innovations exclusively in coordination between the relevant ministries such as higher education, youth, sports, labor, social affairs and planning, as well as the World Bank and benefiting from its vast experience in this regard.

And the other: to create the necessary means to encourage the establishment of small companies for innovative products and create new national markets as: the leading companies for young people and integrated into a single cluster operating system based on information and data efficient, reaching the real digital economy, which means the use of Internet networks to facilitate the work of the community exchange and contractual, On the principle of digital justice (ie, making Internet use accessible to all without discrimination or limiting it to specific community groups).


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