Political Reform in Iraq

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Political Reform in Iraq

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08/8/2017 12:00 am

Ibrahim Abadi
What was almost the atmosphere of the great military victory in Mosul receded a little, until the withdrawal of political conflicts filled the skies of Iraq and its territories from north to south, he hoped to open the sacrifices and the efforts of the great fighters a window of political thinking to deal with the crises of Iraq in a new spirit puts national interests above all considerations This means concessions on party and factional interests, and serious thinking about leaving the political methods of action that have brought the country to what it is.

A political victory would be followed by military victory because the political class was not yet ripe to deal with existing problems in a way that seeks reform rather than rhetoric, and not a form.

 All sides realize that the reform of the country begins with the reform of the political system which suffers from stalemate, And prevents the adoption of reform decisions necessary to address the problems of a hundred years, and despite the complaint of everyone and the crowded political street ideas and projects with large headlines and general principles, but a clear road map and major steps were not cut due to the political mind and the intersection of interests and accounts of profit and loss T controls the mentality of the parties of the parliament and the political forces holding the audience.

The path of reform in Iraq starts with reforming the political system and this depends on the reform of the electoral system and the election commission, both of which should provide an atmosphere of effective political participation and expand the base of popular representation.

The administrative, executive and legislative options are compatible with the requirements of people who want reform.

To impose this reform on the political class, it shines it from its long dormancy and drives necessary reformal blood.

The obvious reluctance to pass electoral laws goes beyond the faults of previous laws, and the lack of agreement on the choice of institutions of supervision and implementation is not discriminatory and neutral.

 The elections and democracy are seen as a system to enshrine the interests of powerful parties and power-hungry individuals.

 Not all methods will succeed in pushing a frustrated and skeptical public to build the state and establish legislative and executive powers.

 Who wishes to be representative of his interests and able to solve his daily problems.

Iraq will not succeed in dealing with its crises without responding to what is going on in the heads of its citizens, and as long as the parliamentary system is limited to responding to these trends and demands, it is not unlikely that the political adventures come to the forefront, and push the political violence and daily crisis, there is paralysis and blockage and anger and frustration should be warned him The visionary.



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