Population and Economic Planning

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Population and Economic Planning

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Two decades have passed since the last census of the population in Iraq, and because of the unstable security conditions, Iraq has not been able to conduct a census in 2017. But this does not prevent us, as observers and intellectuals, from asking the government and the concerned authorities to conduct a new census of Iraq But I am interested in providing a database on Iraqis in their countries and abroad based on a team of scientists and specialists to plan for the future of Iraq and the needs of the Iraqi people.

Housing, health and education services, municipal services, food and water, providing security for them, the business market and immunizing individuals and society from slipping behind deviant behaviors after securing work for them, in order to preserve the dignity of individuals and achieve justice while providing services.

The expectations of victory over the gangs of "Da'ash" terrorists in the few remaining areas in the provinces of Nineveh, Anbar and Kirkuk give us new hope that the Ministry of Planning and its supporting bodies to conduct the general census in the next few years, and knows first of all the importance of providing real data on individuals inside and outside And turning them into figures that the team of academics and specialized scientists will draw to develop future plans for the needs and cost of building a security homeland in Iraq free of justice and achieving the aspirations of the citizen to live in the port by benefiting from natural resources and revenues. Due to the formation of economic units worthy of generating income and opening new doors to state budget revenues.

It is not a secret that the population census is a basic source of data on the characteristics of the population and their geographical distribution. Therefore, it provides the state with data on the size and distribution of the population and their characteristics according to the geographic regions / governorates and regions / which are necessary for the development of comprehensive economic and social development plans. During the forecast in the increases in population size in the coming years.

The census provides the full picture of the division of the state into electoral areas in the light of the size of the population entitled to vote. It also provides great benefit to researchers through the data it provides on population, geographical distribution, growth, and characteristics of age, gender, environment, economic and social composition.

The census should be accompanied by another census on the data available to natural income generators such as oil, sulfur, phosphates, wind and the amount of sun rays falling - the possibility of benefiting the energy industry - agricultural lands, livestock and water, lakes and seashores, geographical location, quantity of rain and quality of natural fruits and crops that can be produced by human intervention Besides the human resources and tourism units whether religious, archaeological, heritage or natural, and other economic units that allow the state to intervene to develop and develop according to the actual need for it as a unit It can expand its investment to pour in opening up new doors to increase budget revenues, therefore, to be reflected to the well-being of future generations.

The census data can predict, for example, how much Iraq needs in 2035 wheat to meet its needs for the population, and whether its agricultural lands cover those needs, which requires planning for the future to achieve food security by providing agricultural land and the reasons for success through the provision of irrigation water, fertilizers and pesticides and production Domestically, and not to burden the state budget by importing products that can be manufactured to achieve rational management of economic units and not wasting money.

The same can be achieved in the establishment of industrial cities in the provinces and regions after studying the increasing numbers of people of working age and what can be provided in the province of certain products and can these products to achieve us new industries can be developed to compete with imported products and achieve good financial revenues added to the budget imports? .

Data from the census is like preliminary information. Scholars and scientists can plan for a prosperous future for generations to come.



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