Investment of economic success

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Investment of economic success

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16/8/2017 12:00 am

Dr.. Bassem Ibrahimi
The first is the congratulations of the International Monetary Fund to the Central Bank of Iraq in particular and to the Iraqi government in general on the success of the second review consultation of the credit agreement after the implementation of the program and agreed monetary and financial targets, including Secures the financial stability of Iraq and the potential challenges of the years
The importance of this matter comes from the fact that the Fund does not treat countries but deals with them with a high reservation and therefore this message means a real success to manage the economic file and monetary policy in particular, and this step will provide financial support up to (850) million dollars will be launched by the Fund, Billion dollars through the World Bank. These loans in turn give the green light to other international financial institutions and the private sector in dealing with Iraq according to data
The second event associated with the first is the success of Iraq in the issuance of government bonds worth one billion dollars in the international market, the most prominent data of this success is that these bonds are guaranteed by the Iraqi government and not the US (as in the first issue), in addition to the interest rate paid less Which is expected to reach (6.75 percent) per year, which is even lower than the interest paid by some Gulf countries and less than the expected rate before the issuance of up to (8 percent).
It is clear that the factor of confidence in the future of the Iraqi economy was his role in this event where the total requests for Iraqi bonds more than six billion dollars, and this confidence came as a result of the reforms that Iraq worked with the Fund on the one hand and its success in defeating terrorism and its ability to arrange internal papers and transit The financial crisis despite the harsh conditions experienced during the past two years on the one hand
Secondly, if the first burden of responsibility lies with the Iraqi media in all its forms, the second responsibility lies with the state in its executive, legislative and supervisory apparatus. I believe that the opportunity today is more favorable than ever before. Especially in terms of the stability factor and improving our external relations in particular with countries


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