The appearance of Mohammed Saleh calls for the establishment of a political fund to pay public debt

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The appearance of Mohammed Saleh calls for the establishment of a political fund to pay public debt

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The economic adviser to the prime minister called for the appearance of Mohammed Saleh to adopt practical steps starting next fiscal year is the establishment of an account called the "Public Debt Compensation Fund", where "any increase in oil prices above the budget target, to be used to cover any external debt Whether internal or internal. "

Saleh stressed that the burden of war on the organization and advocates of reconstruction and the development of all areas of Iraq require a financial program is inevitably hard to serve the direction of financial resources towards stability and development and to address the manifestations of waste, denying the existence of conditions from the International Monetary Fund on Iraq, in exchange for borrowing steps, With the government reforms, while disclosing at the same time for the issuance of Iraq's foreign bond called (Euphrates) months after the issuance of another bond called (Tigris).

"There are practical steps that must be adopted starting in fiscal year 2018," he said in an interview with Elaph and his Mawazine News.

"Any increase due to the improvement in oil prices above the target rate in the federal budget is used to compensate for any internal or external debts planned during the fiscal year or extinguish previous debts as the case is to be adhered to the current prices estimated in the supplementary budget for the year 2017 of 44, $ 4 per barrel of oil exported during the period 2018-2020.

He stressed that "the account of the public debt compensation fund receives capital revenues from the sale of land, state real estate and transfer income promised by the financing aspects of this fund account."

In the second step, Saleh said that "the outsourcing system should be adopted and expanded at the level of customs," through contracting with international companies to ensure the integrity of the examination and collection and customs clearance, which maximizes the sovereign resources of the state.

He pointed out that "it leads to a decrease in the cost of imports and eliminates systemic and other corruption, as well as maximizing public resources, as well as the adoption of the system of outsourcing to the tax system of small units entrusted with granting licenses to civil companies to open the opening of tax collection points,

Saleh also stressed the importance of "expanding the system of partnership with the private sector in the distribution of electric power to be the year 2018 Finance is the starting point to cover all areas of the country, including in the provisions of the law of the budget of 2018."

"The sales tax law should be legislated by calculating the tax on the final value of the service, and the gradual financial decisions and regulations should be taken in order to avoid the complexity of the tax system for sales tax, for example in the first phase," he said.

He encouraged the improvement of the administration of collection of fees (non-sovereign) and wages approved in accordance with Article 24 of the Federal Budget Law for the year 2017 on the establishment of a clear and transparent accounting system shows the movements of income and expenditure and disbursements at all spending units and provide the Ministry of Finance movement of the account and its assets monthly.

He called on the consultant to develop the system of fuel subsidies and limited to the poor classes of the poor through social welfare programs. He pointed out that the state-owned companies that produce and market fuel should maintain a cost accounting system that explains the actual costs of production and avoids the manifestations of "free ride" in the collection of unrealistic profits due to the unrealistic pricing of refined crude oil marketed internally.مظهر-محمد-صالح-يدعو-الى-تأسيس-صندوق-سياسي-لتسديد-الدين-العام


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