Deputies: important laws called for the extension of the work of Parliament

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Deputies: important laws called for the extension of the work of Parliament

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Sunday, 20 August 2017 - 8:53 AM
Deputies: important laws called for the extension of the work of Parliament

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The House of Representatives intends to vote on important laws, most notably the laws of "elections and amendments to amnesty", which prompted the presidency to extend the work during the current week, parliamentarians said.

The Speaker of the Parliament, Salim Jubouri, announced at the beginning of the session last Thursday, the continuation of the work of the House of Representatives to the 24 of this month and the suspension of granting leave to the deputies to complete some important laws, including the provincial elections law.

A member of the House of Representatives Abdul Hadi al-Saadawi, between the extension of the work of the parliament came in conjunction with the holiday holiday as well as the existence of important laws, which is currently considered by the House of Representatives, and these laws need to attend all members of Parliament.

Al-Saadawi told Al-Sabah: "Among these laws is the third amendment to the provincial councils law and the amnesty law, which came from the government's amendment, and we must proceed with its legislation," pointing out that most laws are in the stage of voting on them.

In turn, the Member of Parliament Hassan Khalati, to the most prominent laws to be voted during this period, stressing the determination of Parliament to vote on the election law and complete the vote on the law of the provinces and also the amendment, which is related to the law of the High Commission, which is important laws that directly affect the political process as well About other laws.

He added that the Eid holiday called on the Presidency to extend the work of Parliament this week in order to pass these important laws.

MP Hasan Salem said that the extension of the parliament's work came in order to vote on a number of important laws, most notably the amendment of the amnesty law as well as the law of provincial elections not organized in the province and other important laws.

Salem said in a statement to Ā«morningĀ» that the Eid holiday and the travel of some deputies for the pilgrimage are one of the most important obstacles in the completion of the quorum and vote on the laws.

For his part, among the member of the Council, MP Faleh al-Khazali that the parliament has important laws to vote, including the Federal Court Act and the election law and provincial councils.

Al-Khazali told Al-Sabah: All laws are important because they touch the lives of citizens and also contribute to the stability of the institutional work in the Iraqi state, expressing the hope that the coming days will witness the vote on important legislation.


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