The recovery of the Iraqi economy depends on the adoption of 4 vital laws

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The recovery of the Iraqi economy depends on the adoption of 4 vital laws

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 Baghdad / Fadia al-Jawari

The experts stressed in the national economic affairs that many reasons contributed to weakening the national economy, first and foremost the dependence on oil revenues, which introduced Iraq in a severe crisis as a result of the sharp drop in world oil prices. They added that the lack of economic visions and non-maximization of non-oil resources and the war against the organization advocating terrorism and disagreement With the Kurdistan region weakened the national economy.

"The investment plan is almost non-existent in the economic policy of the country, since the operating budgets go as salaries to the employees of the state, and the investment section has been made," said Zitoun al-Dulaimi, a member of the Committee on Economy and Investment, Its transfer as an operational budget because of the circumstances of the war against the organization calling the terrorist, which drained large revenues from the budget of the country, which suffers a financial deficit.

A member of the parliamentary committee of economy and investment said that "the trend towards the private sector, which has the possibility of financial and accumulation and flexibility in the work make it a real partner of the state," stressing that "the idea of ​​the public sector began to fade for years in countries that have economic power."

Dulaimi pointed to "the need for there to be genuine cooperation and reach agreements between Baghdad and Erbil to resolve all outstanding issues, including agreements on quotas of the federal budget and the activation of customs, levies and tax and be uniform."

"The opening of the border crossings between Iraq and neighboring countries such as Iran, Turkey and Jordan and the latest was the opening of the Arar crossing with Saudi Arabia shows the national openness and economic cooperation at various levels such as trade, tourism and transport," said the member of the Committee on Economy and Investment.

Iraq to a market for the receipt and promotion of goods produced by neighboring countries or the world And considered that "the opening of ports will increase the export of countries to their products, as Iraq does not produce goods and goods and trade with those countries and thus do not enter the difficult currency as income from the "Economist Salem al-Bayati said," The question of activating the four economic laws is linked to the strength of government decisions and the fact that they are trying to promote the economic reality, especially as we are going through a financial crisis as a result of our dependence on the oil-based rent economy. Especially when there is a war against a terrorist organization. "

Al-Bayati added in a statement to (range) that "there are blocs and political forces in force in the country does not want to activate these four economic laws and try to leave the Iraqi market chaotic market in the case of import only and open, without determinants and economic controls any income in the pockets of beneficiaries only, The real in the non-activation of these laws, despite the legislation by the House of Representatives since 2010, and the trend towards the real sector and not rely on oil and make it profitable and fluctuate as a result of external and internal conditions so that our economy is not considered a guarantor.

"The four laws (customs tariff law, domestic product protection law, consumer protection law, antitrust law) should be applied to try to prevent the indiscriminate importation of goods and products in order to have local product support and to attract local consumer attention to create an industry Real and locally produced labor that absorbs the unemployed workforce and saves the budget with real revenues, which reduces our reliance on oil. "

For his part, said the economist Ali al-Wakiki, "reliance on the public sector proved to fail over the past years and it is necessary to go to the private sector and make it a real partner in the national economy."

"The local product must be protected by providing raw materials at low cost, supported by the state, with good characteristics, according to the standardization and quality control system, and thus it can compete and put them to the market and the consumer," he added.

He added that "all these economic laws and the four attempts to activate them failed and there was an experiment in the implementation of those economic laws useless and over the years did not achieve a real tangible result, noting that the lawmakers of these laws do not have real experience and knowledge of economic development, The burden on the product by customs tariff laws without entering it within the Department of open import as is the case in the world through the border ports, which has been opened in recent times, including Arar port with Saudi Arabia, pointing to the need to reach a real agreement with the Kurdistan region to resolve all Shakil suspended oil export quotas and the province's budget from the federal budget. "انتعاش-الاقتصاد-العراقي-متوقف-على-إقرار


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