Abadi is preparing to face his party by opening the file of independent bodies

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Abadi is preparing to face his party by opening the file of independent bodies

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Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is expected to divide the confrontation with his party (the call) on several stages in the file of changing heads of independent bodies.

The party controls most of the more than 20 bodies. The prime minister plans to appoint technocrats for a number of independent bodies.

Abadi used the same scenario in the process of replacing the government cab, but he stumbled a lot before he could change less than half the government and keep three ministries vacant so far.

The prime minister was delayed by three years, before announcing last week that he would open the application for private positions in those institutions.

And criticized the political parties delayed the resolution of the file of independent bodies, considering that the timing of opening the door to the occupancy of bodies suggests that the Prime Minister is looking for "political propaganda."

As part of the government program he presented to parliament before taking office, Abadi pledged to end the phenomenon of acting state administration. MP Rasul Abu Hasna, a member of the Dawa Party, said that "the government will begin to receive the names of candidates for the presidency of independent bodies on the first of next September."

Abadi said during a conference held last Wednesday that "independent bodies must come out of the quotas and be truly independent," adding that "inequality of opportunity and injustice leads to injustice, corruption and the destruction of society."

All 27 bodies are administered in an Agency manner. Political parties hold former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki responsible for running the proxy posts.

Abadi's office had said, days after taking office, that it would form a "committee of academics and experts" to set standards for the occupants of special grades.

Committee gives birth to a committee
"The prime minister will not pay attention to quotas and will depend on efficiency in choosing the heads of independent bodies," Abu Hasna said in an interview with Al-Mada. "The government has set up a committee in this regard."

Saad al-Hadithi, a spokesman for the prime minister's office in early 2016, announced the formation of a special committee comprising experts from within and outside the prime minister to lay the foundations and conditions for appointing senior cadres in the country, from ministries, consultants and special degrees.

A previous commission, called the Balance Committee, began work on rebalancing the government's balance between an independent body and a deputy minister. The committee included Rose Nuri Shaways, Saleh al-Mutlaq, Ali al-Alaq, Salman al-Jumaili and Baha al-Araji. The Balance Committee ended the distribution of 17 posts, before disappearing in government reforms in August 2015.

The MP Abu Hasna that "the new committee began studying the names of candidates for a number of bodies, as the prime minister will not put all the bodies at once."

In his last conference, Abadi said that he has two sets of independent bodies, which will be announced in two stages. He said that he "opened the door for competent citizens as a first step to end the appointment by proxy, and we want to take correct steps for political and economic reform and this step on the right path."

The current wisdom, headed by Ammar al-Hakim, that, before splitting, suggested to the Prime Minister to open the door for the nomination of citizens to fill sensitive positions.

Abadi is not serious

"The prime minister is not serious about changing the independent bodies, otherwise why has this period been delayed," said MP Mohammed al-Lakash, a member of the political bureau of the al-Hakim faction.

"Al-Abadi chose the last months in his term because he knows he will not be able to change the independent bodies," he said. "The Dawa party controls 90 percent of the independent bodies and will not give up easily."

Last September, information on the prime minister's processing of 22 candidates for positions in independent bodies was leaked, but he has not yet been named.

On the other hand, he believes that "the political blocs will work to blackmail the government if the Prime Minister names to vote."

A member of the current Hakim that "Abbadi is looking for early propaganda, even if the names to parliament will not vote blocks without getting quotas in the bodies."

The National Alliance was supposed to get 15 bodies, according to the political agreement that preceded the formation of the government of Abbadi, compared to 11 Sunni and Kurdish forces, and one of the Christian component, as well as the bodies of the endowments.

But the Sadrists and the Supreme Council at the time, confirmed that the Dawa Party and the rule of law alone control 17 independent bodies.

Despite the announcement of the Prime Minister to open the door to stand for independent bodies, but MP Rasul Abu Hasna believes that "the file of the bodies will not resolve this session." "The choice of names will not end until the end of the year, and its time will be almost paralyzed."

Local and legislative elections are supposed to take place in April next year.

In turn, MP Ali al-Badiri, head of the Dawa Party organization of the interior, said that "the Islamic call will not leave its share in those bodies, and will not vote on alternative names."

"The prime minister should submit the curricula vitae of the candidates early in front of the parliament, not as in the selection of ministers," al-Badairi told Al-Mada.

In contrast, the MP warned of the agreement Abbadi with leaders of political blocs to nominate "technocrats belonging to parties," threatening "not to vote a lot of deputies in that case."

"In the selection of replacement ministers last year, we voted for Christianity, Ann Nafie, to the Housing Ministry, to discover later that she was a candidate from Ali al-Adeeb, and we will not repeat this mistake again," he said.



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