Annual Economic Award

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Annual Economic Award

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29/8/2017 12:21 AM

 Dr.. Bassem Ibrahimi
In a new initiative, possibly the first of its kind in Iraq, the Central Bank of Iraq announced last week the launch of an annual economic award specialized in monetary and banking and related policies.

The award comes as part of the support and motivation of the research side because of its importance in charting the paths of the economic future, which the researchers are supporting
The President.

This initiative came a few days after an important initiative and in the same direction, namely the announcement by the Central Bank of the establishment of an annual economic conference to be held at the end of this year, which represents the third conference of the bank after two conferences held in the UAE and the second in Lebanon in previous years. The first in its annual and the first in Baghdad and without any participation with the parties

The importance of these initiatives comes from the fact that knowledge has become the most significant comparative advantage among other factors that underpin trade and production and therefore the most prominent determinant of competition, in a changing world faster than many thought.

This confirms that the added scientific value will have the final say in all areas of life in the coming years. If we want to have a presence on the global economic map, the depleted resource will not be the way but we have to rely on a sustainable resource

I have noticed many positive reactions and impressions from professors and researchers who have shown great interest in these initiatives and the desire to participate in at least one of them.

Some of my friends have revealed to me that I am sorry to be unable to participate because they specialize in monetary and banking aspects only.

In my turn, I think that the central has done well in allocating the award and the conference in specific areas for two reasons. The first concerns his desire to benefit from specialized research in his field of work and the second has made it possible for other parties to announce initiatives

In this context, I would like to invite the ministries of finance, planning, trade, industry and agriculture as well as civil society organizations and economic universities to announce similar prizes in their fields of specialization, and not necessarily that the prize material, moral value is also important, and the question of which ministry or who will take the initiative


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