In response to its inclusion in the referendum .. The Arab component: We will not allow Kirkuk to be the victim of a corrupt scheme

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In response to its inclusion in the referendum .. The Arab component: We will not allow Kirkuk to be the victim of a corrupt scheme

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[ltr]Date of release: 2017/8/29 15:35 [/ltr]
The Arab component in the province of Kirkuk vote Kirkuk Governorate Council inclusive of the province referendum referendum, which the regional government intends to carry out on 25 of next month in the absence of components Arab and Turkmen unconstitutional and not binding any future actions change the status of the province.
"The policy of the status quo that the Kurdistan Regional Government is trying to impose on the province of Kirkuk will respond to the options available to the Arab component, but we are going to demand from the federal government to replace the governor of Kirkuk after failing to maintain security," said Mohammad Tamim, the general coordinator of the National Union of Forces Party in Kirkuk. And stability in this province, especially that the past period has witnessed a clear violation of the Arab world, kidnapping, killing, displacement and burning role in some districts, the prominent feature in Kirkuk during the last period.
"From time to time, the Kurdish parties are exporting their crisis outside the region, because the Kurdish people are beginning to realize the failure of the Kurdish parties in the administration of the region, especially with regard to the economic file, so the novelty of the referendum is intended to create strife between the Kurds and the Arabs. Corrupt planner. "
Tamim called on the federal government to intervene urgently and extract Kirkuk from the divisional plans and aimed at implementing foreign agendas do not want to this country security and stability and stop the behavior of the governor of Kirkuk, which works for his personal agenda and not for the national supreme interest and therefore must change the governor and change all security departments and commensurate with the principle of balance in the administration This province as well as the principle of unity management of the security file. "
The Kirkuk Provincial Council voted on Tuesday to include the province in the Kurdistan independence referendum scheduled for September 25 in the Arab and Turkmen boycott.
The Council of Kirkuk approved the presence of Kurdish lists only to submit a request to the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum in Kurdistan to conduct the referendum in the province.
This decision comes months after the vote of Kirkuk Provincial Council on March 28, 2017, the decision to raise the flag of Kurdistan, along with the Iraqi flag on the buildings of government departments and institutions in Kirkuk, amid the boycott of some members of the Council of Arabs and Turkmen.
The lifting of the province in Kirkuk sparked popular and political anger, which will warn the new resolution reaction and escalation of the crisis.[/ltr]


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