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Haidar Kazem al-Baghdadi
Knowing the size of the country's monetary mass and the methods employed to achieve sustainable development is very important and employs great efforts to implement this matter under the supervision of highly experienced experts
And efficiency.
When we find out the size of the cash mass in Iraq, which exceeds 47 trillion dinars, we find it a very large number and can be done through a local capital cycle that contributes to the creation of industrial development revolution agricultural trade in light of the availability of the elements of success.
The whole thing needs to be a real pause by money experts to find ways that can move the mass of cash in homes to the banking system, private and public, and here we must stand seriously when determining the presence of cash in the banking sector and work to address its challenges, especially if we know that the citizen looking About the safe haven of his finances.
Here we have to be serious about this important matter and create incentives that will bring money to the banking sector. The need is that we work to achieve real integration between the central bank and private banks without exception and find ways to ensure the existence of cash in banks and there is a high flow in the deposit and withdrawal of funds, as well as a law guarantee deposits, which in turn will sow confidence between the parties to the process,
The banker.
At the same time, all banks must develop their working mechanisms in a manner that leads to the creation of a sophisticated banking sector that encourages capitalists to choose the best bank from
Among them.
The reality of the work in Iraq in light of the need for liquidity to finance various projects, and overcome the crisis of confidence between depositors and banks because of the decline performance of some private banks not to adopt advanced systems in the management of funds
The country on the threshold of a new stage of work requires the creation of an environment that contributes to the transfer of money from homes to banks, and we know that the beneficiary is looking for safety, and here must be a mechanism to employ the funds Almtzzona guaranteed trends to achieve the benefit of all these parties and thus can support the reality of liquidity and maintain the Capital cycle in
Here we can turn to successful global experiences and employ them in the direction that goes to the financial sector to Barr


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