Nasiri proposes the establishment of a private sector council

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Nasiri proposes the establishment of a private sector council

Post  Admin on Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:41 am

Economy News _ Baghdad

The economic and banking adviser Samir Nusseiri proposed on Sunday the establishment of the Private Sector Council or the Market Council, calling for his president to be a member of the Council of Ministers.

Al-Nusairi said in an interview with the "Economy News" that "the Iraqi economy is a rural economy depends on its resources on oil and accounts for 95% of the total annual revenue, which constitutes the limits of (55-60)% of GDP, and when the decline in oil prices in the global market was affected "The economy has not reached the stage of recession or economic collapse because Iraq has the elements of economic construction, water, labor, vast agricultural lands and other natural resources, such as gas, sulfur and other minerals."

He pointed out that "sound economic planning and reliance on the Iraqi national competencies in the management of economic institutions and reduce administrative and financial corruption and the involvement of the private sector in economic decision-making, will save the economy from collapse and the decisive victory over terrorism will move the Iraqi economy to a new stage are the stages of building the national economy and strengthen Economic resilience and the economy will recover according to the plan in accordance with the economic reform program, which is implemented by the government and the Central Bank of Iraq in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

He pointed out that "the government is able to diversify resources and reduce dependence mainly on oil and exceed the deficit in non-oil revenues and the rise of the share of other economic sectors to 30 percent of the total budget resources in the next five years and this can not be achieved without increasing its contribution to GDP In the medium term for the years 2018-2022, which will inevitably affect the structure of preparing the budget and increase the proportion of allocations for strategic investment projects instead of the current low rates, so we propose supporting the private sector and partnership with him in the implementation of development and investment projects And this means engaging him in economic decision-making in the management of the economy. "

He added, "activating what is mentioned in the third axis of the governmental and private program (by encouraging the privatization of the private sector) and its other materials related to the development of banking and other economic sectors by securing loans to finance productive projects in agriculture, industry, tourism and services, development of the agricultural sector, And the involvement of the private sector and the operation of graduates of colleges and institutes of agricultural unemployed to be allocated a proportion of imports to the private sector and workers, and the establishment of a joint stock company in accordance with the proposal of the Central Bank of Iraq or suck The private sector and private banks contribute 75% and the public sector by 25%. It is managed by the private sector mentality and the market economy.

The structure of the industrial sector, especially the civil industries, factories and public sector production laboratories, and the involvement of the private sector in managing them.

To work on self-financing and support the national production and stop the import of all goods and goods produced locally and work according to the principle (import complementary to local production and not rival), and attention to the tourism sector and develop its facilities in the regions And focus on religious tourism, which, if given the attention required, will provide an annual revenue guaranteed to the budget and a good rate.

Al-Nusseiri called for the establishment of the Council of the Market or the Private Sector Council and the definition of its duties, functions and powers, and to participate actively in the economic decision-making and decision-making process and to be elected or elected by the presidents of associations, associations and organizations representing the private sector and active in giving it the required role in economic reform.

And that the President of this Council is a member of the Council of Ministers by a decision of the Prime Minister exclusively. "


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