New measures to move the industry wheel

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New measures to move the industry wheel

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10/9/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Farah Al-Khafaf
An economist expected that the next period will see a new activity to push the industrial sector forward with the direction of the government to improve the economic reality of the country after the victory over the gangs "Da'ash" terrorist.
The expert's expectations coincided with the announcement by the Ministry of Industry to increase the granting of permits for the implementation of industrial projects in the country.
According to expert Aqil al-Saadi, "the government has an integrated vision for the advancement of this sector (industrial), especially after the formation of committees and teams reached work to put points on the letters."

New move
"The next period will see a new movement on how to rise, how to overcome the financial crisis, as well as solutions to the constraints faced and facing the national product," said Saadi, a member of a joint working group comprising government and private sector representatives.
Al-Saadi praised the government's steps, but called for more of them, especially with regard to the protection of the national product with the availability of resources, raw materials, expertise and competencies that can compete with the foreigner.
In the meantime, the Industrial Development Directorate of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals continued to provide specialized services to industrial entrepreneurs.

Double efforts
The Director General of the Directorate, Salam Said Ahmed, said in a statement: "The Directorate is continuing to make double efforts to serve the largest number of industrial project owners and to facilitate all procedures of the work process with emphasis on quality and transparency, And promote it. "
He pointed out that "the number of new establishment permits granted by the Directorate in early July reached (103) vacations, which is high compared to previous months. This came in comparison to what was planned, while (43) plots were allocated for the establishment of new projects, The Directorate granted (826) support and 317 necessity estimation books. The Directorate also conducted an on-site inspection of the industrial projects sites to document all stages of the work by special technical committees. The number of inspections during the month of July was 139 and
Governorates ".

Facilitate procedures
"The Directorate has several specialized activities in the service of the national industry through the free promotion of the products of the companies of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and private sector projects and mixed through the design of advertisements and video films include a detailed explanation of each company's product and broadcast in social networking sites And pamphlets, "noting that" the Directorate has achieved an achievement in the continued interest in providing support and care to all other sectors that are related to the service and development of the private industrial sector and facilitate the work procedures of industrial projects and provide an environment suitable for owners of the participants Industrial to enable them to improve the quality of
Products ".

Raw materials
He added that "the objectives and activities of the Directorate of the other implementation of the reforms of the private sector through the re-activation of maritime transport, as support to the company of Sharaf Navigation Limited by promoting the various services and activities of this company from shipping agencies, logistics and storage, As important vital elements related to the work and activity of the Directorate in terms of adoption as a means of transport the requirements of industrial projects of raw materials, machines, machines and other needed by industrialists.
Plastic Industry
Ahmed pointed out that the Directorate also has another role in the plastic industry through the industrial projects that have been granted to the private sector, which has resulted in the development of this industry recently through the re-employment of a plant that was suspended from production because of the previous security conditions.


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