The repercussions of the referendum of Kurdistan

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The repercussions of the referendum of Kurdistan

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11/9/2017 12:00 am

Ibrahim Abadi

However, the referendum is likely to be a new phase. The post-referendum conditions will produce a political and populist speech that will incite hatred and incitement. It will incite psychological separation and push towards emotional separation before political, legal and geographical separation.

Kurdish parties have sought since 2005 to sow the seeds of psychological separation of the Kurdish people from their other Iraqi brethren.

Efforts were focused on forging areas of Kurdish or mixed majority with a fence of suspicion and mistrust, and portraying every idea, political or cultural concept, legislative law, The government and the media escalation are moving at a calculated pace to accumulate significant problems started with Article 140, and did not end with the budget and salaries of the Peshmerga and the supervision of the border crossings and the production and sale of oil and gas, and with For the problem and escalation of accusations by the Kurds or some of them, it was clear that the Kurdish politicians are taking steps on the path of psychological separation and estrangement to say that there is no hope of continuing partnership in a federal Iraq, and that Baghdad did not abide by the Constitution and that it acts centrally and should bear responsibility for the problems alone, The Kurdish national project was accumulating experiences, inspired by global experiences and reproducing steps towards the establishment of the state, access to the confederation stage, and then independence and separation in a new state with full sovereignty.

The Yugoslav model after the stage of the leader Joseph Brus Tito, fondling the Kurdish imagination, in the multi-ethnic and nationalistic Yugoslavia has been heading toward division since the mid-1980s.

The nationalist motive was to escape the dominance of the Serbian nationalist center supported by the Orthodox Church after a series of practices The Kurdish politicians were so intelligent that they were linking the survival of the Kurdistan region within the federal Iraq by saying the success of the Kurdish-Shiite coalition to build a state of civil partnership and the optional decision of the Kurds, The mechanism of going to referendum and playing on national feelings and the daily reminder of the Kurdish tragedy will be the cornerstone of the drive towards secession. Thus, when the steps of forming the new state have taken the most important economic, diplomatic, security and administrative course, The referendum is the end of the federal Iraq and the beginning of the birth of the new state, but the referendum has serious repercussions that should be well calculated.

The Kurds after the referendum will consider themselves as having decided their fate according to the principle of self-determination.

And seeks to defend his interests in geography, economy and water and seeks to devote more of the psychological breakout and therefore will start new conflicts are national populist campaigns insulting the other and symbols and sanctities, and the media and political discourse attack, and financial demands and impose the status quo in mixed areas (disputed) and take points Security and military in the last area was inhabited by a Kurdish farmer in Diyala and Kirkuk and the outskirts of Mosul, while the lines of trade and import will be interrupted with Turkey temporarily.

The Democratic Party has chosen the smart timing of the referendum to be the reaction of Baghdad in the weakest cases because of the complexities of the current political, and to achieve some Kurdish leaders the fact that they approached the Iraqi crisis when they raised the slogan of Iraq after the preacher is not like Iraq before.


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