Rejection of the referendum .. Iraqi international Arab message to the region

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Rejection of the referendum .. Iraqi international Arab message to the region

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Warnings of serious consequences for the region
ت Mass demonstrations in Mandali in protest against the inclusion of the region to hold the referendum
¶ The Turkmen Front: Insisting on it expose Iraq to dangers that do not bear its consequences
المتحدث Spokesman: Kirkuk is part of the federal government and can not be annexed by Kurdistan
¶ Democratic Kurdistan requires "real guarantees" and international supervision to postpone it
Baghdad / Muhannad Abdel Wahab Cairo / Esraa Khalifa
Under the position of Iraqi Arab international unified rejects categorically the unilateral move of the Kurdistan region of Iraq to hold a referendum on secession, and with the continuing warnings launched by the federal government of this step and announced to keep the door of dialogue open with the brothers in the region, the spokesman of the Prime Minister that "Kirkuk is a federal government It can not be annexed by Kurdistan. "
While the decision-making circles in Erbil announced their intention to hold the referendum on schedule on September 25, Kurdish leaders revealed that the possibility of postponing the referendum is in the event of "international guarantees" in response to the request of the Secretary General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit in this regard and in the repercussions of the scene In the province of Diyala, spontaneous demonstrations took place in the province of Diyala. The Kurdish flag was removed from the government departments and the Iraqi flag was raised over its buildings to protest against the step of the director of the district (which was frozen) by including Mendele within the referendum areas.

"The President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani received the Secretary General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit," indicating that "Aboul Gheit praised the role and victories of the Peshmerga in the back," urged "and the liberation of Mosul as well as the important site For the Kurdistan region for the Arab League. "
The statement added that "Aboul Gheit expressed concern about Barzani on the referendum," adding that "invited him to postpone the referendum and conduct dialogue between Baghdad and the region."
For his part, Barzani said that "the referendum will take place on time," he said.

Visit Aboul Gheit
Commenting on Aboul Gheit's visit to Iraq, the Spokesman for the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Mahmoud Afifi, said in a press statement: "The Secretary-General is keen that his endeavor during this visit is based on the need for all parties to work together to contain the situation, To preserve the unity of the Iraqi state and to secure the interests of all the Iraqi people by upholding the principle of citizenship on the narrow interests of any particular sect, group or group, while stressing the seriousness of the current impasse in light of the consequences that could lead to negative consequences beyond Iraq to threaten the security and stability of the region. "He said.
The spokesman added, "The Secretary-General of the Arab League called for containing the differences between Baghdad and Erbil through an urgent, comprehensive, open and frank dialogue and on the basis of the Iraqi constitution in relation to the relationship between the federal government and the region.
He called on the parties to "a comprehensive review of all the contentious issues to reach a common ground and secure understandings reserved for Iraq and its unity, and thus stability and territorial integrity."
"Aboul Gheit warned of the danger of sliding into any situation that could harm the interests of the Iraqis in general and threaten social peace in the event of aggravation of the existing crisis and take further actions that lead Iraq and the region to serious repercussions."

The vision of Kirkuk
In turn, a spokesman for the Information Office of Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi in a statement received by "morning" on Sunday: "The province of Kirkuk and mixed areas under the federal authority according to the Constitution can not be annexed to Kurdistan on a unilateral basis on the pretext of separation or national affiliation," The modern that " "The recent escalation in the province of Kirkuk is dangerous while the government continues in the path of dialogue at the present time and not to escalate the situation to start building the Iraqi state despite the challenges."

Turkmen Warning
For his part, the member of the House of Representatives for the Kirkuk province, head of the Turkmen Front, Arshad Salhi said that "there is still time to realize that the Kurdish side of the seriousness of the situation and the review of the referendum by listening to the views of internal and external," Salhi said in a statement followed by "morning" We have expressed our position, and the issue of dialogue and bloodshed is being reconsidered, because expansion is for everyone, not for one at the expense of the other, and they should not make the sense of injustice the basis of others' thinking and lead them to think about something else. "

Alliance of Powers
The coalition of Iraqi forces issued a statement on Sunday reiterating its categorical rejection of the Kurdish referendum. The statement said: "While we stand with the right of peoples to self-determination, we are not with the holding of the referendum, which the Kurdistan government intends to hold on the twenty-fifth of this month, In Kirkuk or areas outside the borders of Kurdistan, which is a preliminary procedure for the separation of this province and other areas from the rest of the provinces, "adding that" areas of co-existence has not seen any differences between its children and since the time but the interests of partisan and personal distorted that security stability. "

"Our insistence on rejection and reservation is based on the Arabs' deep attachment to the Kurdish people, and we do not want these brothers to witness any rupture that has a negative effect on our Iraqi society, especially since the country is now engaged in a fierce war with blind terrorism," he said.

Destroy and divide this country and the real answer is to maintain the cohesion of the Iraqi people, land and people. "

The statement added that "the coalition had a specific view on the issue of the referendum has been informed the Kurdish delegation to this matter when he visited Baghdad recently and the delegation was very understanding of the rejection and concern expressed by the coalition
Iraqi forces, "and that" the alliance of forces did not issue any new position in favor of the conduct of this referendum in Kirkuk or areas that lie outside the borders of the Kurdistan region, "and called the coalition forces in his statement the federal government to" open an urgent dialogue with the Kurds. "

The context of the accelerated events, saw the hand of Mandali in the province of Diyala on Sunday a large demonstration involving hundreds of people in the region to protest the inclusion of Mandali referendum Kurdistan, a local source said that "hundreds of people on the hand Mandali went out to demonstrate to cancel the project of Kurdistan, which represents the disruption of the unity of the country, expressing their rejection For the project of the division of Iraq, "adding that" And the Iraqi flag, which represents the symbol and parents of all Iraqis Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen and other minorities.

"Following the large demonstration, the Governor of Diyala Muthana al-Tamimi, the director of the Mandali district granted a compulsory leave to calm down A local source said: "The director of Mandali Abdul-Hussein Al-Qura-Lucy area officially addressed the Kurdish parties including Mandali referendum independence without the knowledge of the governor, the latter is a violation of administrative and constitutional."

The source said that "the governor asked the local council to choose an alternative to the village Lucy to prevent the recurrence of what he called (the chaos of the referendum and the emptiness that has been corrected and containment), according to Governor Muthana Tamimi.

The source said "the end of the demonstration and the withdrawal of the demonstrators after the submission of their demands to the governor calling for the dismissal of the district director and the head of the local council and prevent any referendum of the Kurds in Mandali."

The position of "change" On its part, the parliamentary bloc of change pledged Kurdish, on Sunday, announced its final position of the referendum of Kurdistan, the agreement of the five main parties in the region on the initiative submitted by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

The deputy head of the bloc, Amin Bakr said in an interview with "morning": "Our firm position to the moment is to demand the Kurdistan Democratic Party to postpone the referendum to another date until the availability of the appropriate ground and legal frameworks issued by the Parliament of the region for the absence of chaos inside the house of Kurdistan."

In the same context, the two Democratic parties and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan on Sunday agreed to resume the meetings of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region on Thursday, came at the conclusion of a meeting of the leaders of the two parties held in Erbil, and the parliament was fully disrupted two years ago, following political differences and a crisis that almost lead to conflict Dangerous among the Kurdish parties.

Political views For his part, MP for the National Alliance Jawad al-Bolani said in a statement to the "morning": "The referendum process should be conducted in light of the national consensus and national consensus, because such national issues must be a national consensus on them."

"The referendum on the Kurdistan region will have an impact on all regional and international issues, especially as Iraq is about to close a file," he said.

In turn, a source in the coalition of state law: "It was confirmed during the visit of the delegation of the province to Baghdad a few weeks ago and meet with the National Alliance that the referendum lacks the legal and constitutional cover."

"The referendum could be legitimate if there is a genuine desire for independence," he said.

"The constitution must be amended and a referendum must be held by all the Iraqi people, including the Kurds' demand for separation."

He explained that "in the case of differences of views in the interpretation of the Constitution must resort to the Federal Court as the highest judicial body to settle disputes in the Center and the region."


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