The names of 13 Arab parties in Kirkuk reject the referendum of Kurdistan

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The names of 13 Arab parties in Kirkuk reject the referendum of Kurdistan

Post  Admin on Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:42 am

KIRKUK -Arraq Press-11 September: 13 Arab parties announced in Kirkuk, refusing to hold a referendum on the independence of Kurdistan in their city. "The Arab parties in Kirkuk declare their rejection of the referendum to be held on 25/9/2017 in the Kurdistan region, including the province of Kirkuk and the disputed areas, as the real beginning of the division of unified Iraq thousands of years ago," said a joint statement by the 13 parties.

The statement added that "the referendum is not based on any constitutional or legal reference, and we consider the decision of the Kirkuk Governorate Council on 29/8/2017 as a result of the absence of representatives of the Arabs and Turkomans and because such decisions are not the prerogative of the provincial council.

To take power, a method followed by the Kurdish ruling parties since 2003 to this day.

" The statement said. He added that "the stage we are going through requires everyone to unite efforts and synergy to complete the liberation processes, especially the liberation of the province of Hawija, which is an integral part of the province of Kirkuk, which will liberate will announce the final victory on the preacher of the terrorist," stressing that "any delay for this process will be considered an integral part of Kirkuk province, which will liberate it will announce the final victory on the caller of the terrorist and any delay of this process will be considered part of the plot on Kirkuk and even on Iraq as we call the three presidencies to carry out their constitutional duties to maintain the unity of Iraq and its integrity and sovereignty and independence.

The statement called for "boycotting the referendum and not participating in it, and we do not recognize its results and do not deal with all its outputs and consider it a partisan action that is not related to legitimacy."

He called on the Iraqi government to "adopt a genuine dialogue between the representatives of the components of Kirkuk to resolve all the outstanding problems and this is our only option to resolve the issue of Kirkuk."

"The parties to the referendum are the National Dialogue Front, the Al-Islah Party, the Al-Haq Party, the Iraqi Republican Gathering, the Generation Reem, the Arab Project, the Labor Party, the Iraqi National Union Party, the Al-Wafa Party, Badr ', and the Sadrist movement' Liberal bloc ', the parties of national reconciliation, and the party of Iraq united).


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