Per capita banking services

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Per capita banking services

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Author: Mohamed Sherif Abu Maysam

12/9/2017 11:07 pm

Bankers rely on the standard of banking per capita to assess the quality of service provided by the banking sector in a country, as well as the knowledge standards of the area occupied by technologies in banking operations, as the ability of banks to provide services to the largest number of Record times The more reliance on electronic systems in trading and banking transactions.

However, the standard of per capita banking services is still stable at 40 thousand people for one branch of the global banks, despite the ability of these banks to provide services to more than this number of the public, and accordingly and because banking operations are still in the main areas are conducted in the nineties methods of The last century in our country, despite the introduction of many electronic work systems in the transactions and trades of the banking sector.

 The standard of per capita banking services indicates a relatively low rate per capita of these services, although the number of branches of banks operating in the country of about 800 branches monopoly mostly seven government banks and the rest is distributed to private banks of about 43 banks, including branches of foreign banks operating In the country, with a simple calculation, we find 800 banking branches capable of providing banking services to 32 million people according to the standard of 40 thousand people for each branch bank.

Which makes the phenomenon of the exit of about 70 percent of the cash mass from trading on the suspension of the state of mistrust inherited for decades between the public and the banking sector, which was strengthened by the delays in the performance of some private banks and government despite the progress in the introduction of technologies and capital increase and despite the continuous work in training And staff development.

 Which requires reconsidering the mechanisms of the banking restructuring programs that were adopted about 12 years ago, which was in the framework of the three axes of restructuring the capital of these banks, supported by successive amendments to the Law of Iraqi banks No. 94 of 2004, which began with the condition of minimum head The money was about 10 billion dinars and ended in accordance with the latest amendment of about 250 billion dinars, but this amendment did not take into account and apparently called the "capital adequacy ratio" represented by the proportion of the bank's capital to risk, which is urgent to know the relationship between the bank's sources of capital and surrounding risks With the assets of the bank and any other operations, while the focus of technology introduction and training of workers subject to the privileges and powers of the departments of these banks, some of which were successful in its management for reasons presented in previous articles.

 Thus, a fourth pillar is needed to restore confidence between the public and these financial institutions, which is the key to opening current accounts, savings and electronic payment tools to ensure good performance of banking services.


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