Iraqi parliamentary eyes pursue Barzani's accounts in foreign banks Iraqi parliamentary eyes pursue Barzani's accounts in foreign banks

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Iraqi parliamentary eyes pursue Barzani's accounts in foreign banks Iraqi parliamentary eyes pursue Barzani's accounts in foreign banks

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Abdul Salam al-Maliki, a member of the Committee on Economy in the Iraqi parliament, for his part in the drafting of a petition gathering signatures of Iraqi MPs, to reveal the money Barzani and his prime minister in foreign banks.

In an interview with "Alsumaria" Maliki said that the petition will be sent to Iraqi embassies abroad, and will include in addition to the investigation of the accounts of Massoud Barzani, head of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the disclosure of accounts swept Barzani, head of the government of the province, and the governor of Kirkuk article Necmettin Karim to lay the hand of Iraq on her.

He added: "We intend to collect signatures in parliament today, to submit to the presidency of the Council and issue a binding decision to the government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to pursue the funds of Massoud Barzani and Najran Barzani and Najmuddin Karim," explaining that "the resolution will include a formal letter from the House of Representatives, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to open embassies and bodies And to inform Iraq of what surrounds the funds of the three personalities to lay hands on them. "

He continued: "The three figures mentioned, have large funds outside the country, represents the wealth of people looted as a result of the smuggling of Iraqi oil from the province and the province of Kirkuk throughout the previous period. The draft resolution will include the central bank's demand to check all foreign remittances issued by Erbil and track the funds because of suspicions that some went to finance terrorist groups and conspiring against the country and buying weapons of unknown origin and purpose.
He added: "The House of Representatives in front of a legal obligation and moral responsibility to pass this resolution and vote for him, in defense of the rights of the Iraqi people in general and Kurdistan in particular," blaming all domestic banks and foreign "responsibility to deal with these three personalities that conspired against Iraq and its people since 2005 until today.

It should be noted that the relations between Erbil and Baghdad had witnessed an unprecedented tension in recent times against the backdrop of preparation in Kurdistan for the referendum on secession from Iraq, especially after the adoption of the parliament of Kurdistan on Friday unanimously, the decision to declare the 25 of this month a date for the referendum, Thus irritating Baghdad, and fueling Iraqi rejection of the separation of Kurdistan.

Source: "Alsumaria"

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