Iraq and the production of fast-moving goods

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Iraq and the production of fast-moving goods

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The economic cycle, in all developing countries, is the production of locally fast food products and their demand in the market, including the increasing demand, such as food commodities, agricultural crops, dairy products, processed foods, pastries, sweets, clothing, stationery and electrical appliances. Such as oil, gas and electricity.

Iraq as a developing country possesses all the ingredients of production for the nature of its lands and the resources it contains in order to produce the fast consumer goods required by the local market such as agricultural crops and raw materials involved in the manufacture of pastries, meat and milk, but the reality is the opposite, Fast food such as bread and (salmon) The other types of dairy, mostly imported, as well as processed meats, juices and ice cream, to the grain of all kinds, oils, soap, clothing, fabrics and cleaning papers (Clinks), but even went to the Import of oil derivatives such as gasoline, gas and white oil.

The foreign observer knows that a country like Iraq imports cleaning paper (clink), milk and ice cream from neighboring countries with vegetables that can be planted alongside a long list of agricultural and industrial products that were manufactured here more than a decade ago. It was an agricultural country with government and private factories producing food, milk, textiles, clothing, electrical goods and all goods of high consumption. It asks again why agriculture and industry should not be restored.

To answer this question, we must overlook the decisions of the Coalition Provisional Authority in 2003-2004, which opened the border wide to all kinds of goods without supervision or audit and remained the case until 2011, so imported goods became cheaper than locally produced goods, which led to the decay of production Domestic and agricultural, industrial and with the succession of years and the inflow of profits among the importers established interests and intervened centers of power that killed any effort to restore local production and stop the drain import, the factories were idle and the farmer abandoned his garden and land after the cost of production is expensive in a market changed his taste towards the product A prophet.

Local production in Iraq needs supportive laws, activating anti-corruption laws, auditing the importer, imposing taxes on foreign goods and preventing smuggling, while opening bank loans to productive units to modernize their lines with developments in the global market.

In order to revive the national products and activate economic development, we should focus first on the fast-food commodities (food, clothing, energy) and start reproducing them in a manner that is contrary to their imported ones, while ensuring the existence of control, standardization and quality control, and providing financial and legal support and other facilities to establish a new generation of sober national production And subject to the development and progress and fluctuations in prices and tastes of consumers, and then start the scaling of imports of similar goods and dazzling markets with local products

The foreign observer, when he finds that the people consume what is produced, that the economy of the country is safe and that progress and progress is the title of his future and that his money, which was going to import will remain in the country to strengthen the currency and provide new job opportunities for its unemployed citizens, which leads to increasing investment areas to produce new local consumer goods .

The Iraqi government will not lose anything if it followed the investment plan in the fields of production of goods for rapid consumption, but it will eliminate unemployment in a sequential manner and contribute to strengthening the national currency and reluctant to import and exit of hard currency from
The country.


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