Economist: Expanding the banking base reduces home-based compactness

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Economist: Expanding the banking base reduces home-based compactness

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20/9/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Farah Al-Khafaf
The opening of the 24th branch of the Iraqi Trade Bank in one of the new commercial buildings (Mall of Babylon), "Dlala" the bank's efforts to provide the best services to customers, which urges citizens to deposit their money in banks and leave the habits of housekeeping. The bank branch was officially opened by representatives of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, the Central Bank of Iraq and representatives of the Iraqi Trade Bank, along with the participation of representatives of the Association of Banks.

The Director General of the Iraqi Trade Bank Faisal Al-Hims said in a press statement: "The bank is always working constructively to support all that contributes to the construction of the Iraqi economy, and the new branch is to provide the best services to citizens at the right time for them, where the branch is open from 10 am to 10 pm , And also has the advantage of overnight deposit that enables the citizen to deposit and conduct banking operations over a period of 24 hours.

In turn, the economic analyst Rahim al-Shammari said in his statement to "morning" that "the opening of branches of banks, both in the capital Baghdad or other provinces, but shows the awareness of banking and keep pace with the work of international financial institutions in the acquisition of experiences and successful experiences."

He added that "these steps are consistent with the government's intentions in support of the national economy The Iraqi Bank of Trade seeks to provide the best and widest banking services, to overcome the obstacles to the citizens and customers, as the branch will provide the" Babylon "service Jamar (the second branch in the capital Baghdad) to complete banking operations Without waiting, and the preference of the customer to give 0.5 percent on fixed deposit rates on the advertised prices, and also awarded the card Jamar, which gets discounts for some airlines, hotels, restaurants and get (two tickets for a quarter of theatrical performances and cinemas) Yeh that allow the holder to enter all the halls of honor at most international airports, in addition to other features, it will be the first government bank provides services on an ongoing basis and distinctive customers.

Al-Shammari urged other banks to expand their banking base and increase the number of branches to facilitate the delivery of banking services to citizens, and to spread the culture and awareness of banking in Iraqi society, and urged citizens to deposit their money in banks and not hoarding in homes to keep them from accidents, thus entering the financial and economic cycle of the country and return Mutually beneficial.

The Iraqi Trade Bank has 24 branches in Iraq and provides various banking services to all customers. It also strives to strengthen its banking services throughout Iraq, providing its services an important turning point in the field of banking to its customers from companies, individuals and government institutions. The size of its customers and the expansion of its business and activity in the market, and is a gateway to access to the outside world.


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