Masoum welcomes the Security Council's statement on Iraq's sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity

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Masoum welcomes the Security Council's statement on Iraq's sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity

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September 22, 2017 | 7:18 PM -

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The President of the Republic, Fuad Masoum, welcomed the declaration of the UN Security Council to renew its continued adherence to the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Iraq in a statement issued unanimously by its 15 members last night. He also reiterated the Iraqis' appreciation for the Security Council's decision to establish an investigative team to hold accountable for war crimes and crimes against Humanitarian and mass genocide committed in Iraq.

He stressed the "infallible" during a press statement following his meeting this morning with the French Ambassador to Iraq, "Mr. Borno Obeyer," and his "Iraqi position" that the dialogue continues and will continue between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to address all controversial issues, referring to the arrival scheduled tomorrow for a delegation high Level of the provincial government to Baghdad for this purpose.

He stressed the need for all parties to unite in order to perpetuate the momentum of the victories of the Iraqi armed forces valiant on terrorism again congratulating the liberation of the city and start the first phase of the liberation of Hawija.

He also praised the importance of the call by the Security Council to continue the dialogue among the Iraqis to resolve any internal problem within the framework of the constitution and through consensus solutions supported by the international community and in the permanent protection of the interests of all Iraqi components and promote a fair and developed federal democratic system And commended the Security Council's emphasis on the priority of efforts to ensure the voluntary and safe return of more than 3 million displaced persons and refugees to their homes


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