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 Hussein Thagb
In most economies of the world is the study of the reality of the financial country to be followed then the planning stage adopted by specialized centers taking into account a number of things
 the mission.
Where the study of cities and towns accurately to know the need of civil projects that take into account most often the reality of population growth, and it is important to select projects from the light available from
Here, the financial sector is governed by policies of a high degree of accuracy operating according to a precise database known as the monthly or annual revenue of the country and chart the paths of expenditure that must go not complete projects and maintain the level of economic growth and services provided to
In Iraq, the revenue received, which is mostly from oil revenues, is known and there is high transparency in this direction and the figures are clearly announced. This is matched by a continuous trend by the financial institutions to regulate this sector and make it more sophisticated and control over all operations and protect it against money laundering crimes. And the financing of terrorism. And there are courses at international levels organized to refine the talents of our employees to reduce these crimes if any are not allowed
The existence of a promising economy is waiting for the volume of circulation of a large monetary bloc is required to expand all systems and develop them as required and possess solid systems do not allow any cases of financial manipulation in all transactions daily and electronic systems have an active role in this and must create a web network that regulates the reality of Iraqi money and its relationship with institutions
The producer finds that the Central Bank's instructions focus on these trends and urges all banks to develop their systems to be the owners of banking technology that makes them compete with regional and international banks.
Iraq can use the successful global experiences that linked the development of the financial sector with the productive and service sectors. It organized the trade process and was able to achieve the development goals after the roles were distributed and each party fulfilled its duties.
We can bring experiences and employ them in more than a productive and service sector. The financial sector will be a real source for it and will be localized to make it more suitable for the reality of the Iraqi situation, which needs a large volume of work that absorbs large domestic and international efforts.
The organization of the relationship between the financial sector and other sectors enables it to draw the precise paths to allocate the money that will go in the direction that changes the shape of the national economy towards
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