Economist: referendum will exacerbate the crisis salaries of employees of Kurdistan and put them at risk

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Economist: referendum will exacerbate the crisis salaries of employees of Kurdistan and put them at risk

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Special - Mawazine News

"The province of northern Iraq is going through a severe financial crisis, which will be greatly exacerbated by the referendum, which will render it unable next year to secure salaries," the official said on Tuesday.

"The region before the referendum was going through a financial crisis led to debt with oil companies and the withdrawal of deposits from banks in the region without financial cover and budget deficit, prompting the provincial government to reduce the salaries of its employees and irregular distribution."

"The referendum will lead to more financial problems in light of the suspension of northern oil exports through the port of Ceyhan, leaving the government in a real crisis will be unable to secure salaries for its employees starting next year with a decline in its ability to secure financial liquidity on the one hand and the difficulty of finding understandings at the level of the former with Baghdad About its share of the federal budget. "

He pointed out that "the politicians of the region have lost much of their political weight in dealing with various issues to proceed with this poll, which is not calculated calculated consequences, stressing that the Center will control cooperation with the international community more at the border crossings and airports and is expected to block this step by the provincial government Loss of much of the trade movement in them. "

He added that "the referendum put the provincial government in a critical position, it did not find resources for the region in the absence of Turkey allowed his government to export its oil through Turkey and did not guarantee the share of the province of the budget next year."

"The provincial government has spent billions of dollars over the past years through organizations that have set up lobbies in Europe and America, but these lobbies have not helped them in anything," he said.اقتصادي-الاستفتا-سيفاقم-ازمة-رواتب-موظفي-كردستان-ويعرضها-للخطر/سياسية


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