The World Bank calls on Baghdad to rebuild the social contract and manage oil wealth fairly

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The World Bank calls on Baghdad to rebuild the social contract and manage oil wealth fairly

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The World Bank stressed that the restoration of trust between the Iraqi state and its citizens is highly dependent on demonstrating its ability to provide security, jobs and economic growth for all Iraqis, especially the poor and the weak. The results of the discussions and comments gathered during the consultations will be taken to review the final document of the Strategic Partnership Framework Of the Iraqi government's development plan in the country and will be presented to the board of directors of its group for approval later this year.

On the other hand, an economist said he was not optimistic that the Iraqi government would benefit from these recommendations and recommendations. He pointed out that not only international organizations advise the government to pay attention to economic development and diversification, increase employment opportunities and support the private sector. Pointing out the need to establish a specialized economic team that includes the government, the private sector or civil society organizations to apply the advice and strategies, and its decision is binding on all.

The World Bank Group concluded a series of consultations with various stakeholder groups on the New Strategic Partnership Framework for Iraq for the period 2018-2022, which outlines the key development objectives of the World Bank Group, The World Bank Group aims to assist Iraq in its implementation, which proposes a strategic intervention program for this purpose.

The consultations, which began on 16 September, included several meetings with government officials, members of the Council of Representatives, representatives of the private sector, civil society organizations and the Acad Community "The consultations have shown a high level of interest and participation by the Iraqi public at large on issues related to the future of Iraq, challenges facing the country and opportunities for development at stake," he said.

The statement pointed out that these direct sessions preceded the first phase of online consultations on the channels of social communication (from 7 to 13 September).

These online consultations allowed the World Bank Group to reach nearly 1 million Iraqis from various groups and bodies across the country, including from Mosul and other liberated areas. The number of responses to online surveys has more than 200,000 comments. "

"The results of the discussions and comments gathered during these consultations will be reviewed in the final document of the Strategic Partnership Framework, which will be presented to the World Bank Group for approval later this year," the statement said, noting that " Of the Iraqi government's development plan in the country, and is in line with its reconstruction and recovery program. "

"The strategic partnership framework is based on the findings of the World Bank's systematic diagnostic report for Iraq, which set three priorities for moving forward in eradicating poverty and promoting common prosperity: re-establishing security, rebuilding the social contract and the legitimacy of the state, Oil wealth management in a fair and sustainable manner.

Therefore, in line with the priorities of the country's systematic diagnostic report, the objective of the Strategic Partnership Framework is to focus on assisting the Government of Iraq to benefit from the liberalization of areas controlled by a supportive organization and recovery Slow in oil prices to rebuild trust with the citizens to build, through the implementation of economic and administrative reforms critical, and the provision of basic services efficiently and fairly, and to ensure inclusiveness and sustainability of the recovery and reconstruction efforts. "

"The World Bank Group will seek to support the Iraqi government in designing and implementing response mechanisms based on rigorous economic analysis, mobilizing best practices in recovery and reconstruction planning, and benefiting from sustained international support.

The statement quotes the World Bank's Mashreq Regional Director, Saroj Kumar Jah, said, "Despite the enormous devastation caused by the recent conflict, Iraq now has a unique opportunity to rise again after the restoration of Mosul. There is a lot to do. It is imperative for Iraqis to persevere and move forward in order to secure a better future for all. Through this strategic partnership framework, the World Bank Group is ready to support Iraq in its long journey towards long-term reconstruction and long-term development that benefits all. "

He believes that "restoring trust between the state and its citizens is highly dependent on the Iraqi government's ability to provide security, jobs and economic growth for all Iraqis, especially the poor and the weak, and the millions of internally displaced people affected by the war and their host communities."

On the sidelines of a consultation session, Acting Deputy Finance Minister Maher Johan said: "Everyone has an opportunity to play an important role in Iraq's economic, social and infrastructure reconstruction." The World Bank is a key partner of the Government of Iraq in its efforts to mitigate Of poverty, and the programs and projects that support them are fully in line with the Government's development vision and the work of other international organizations. "

On the other hand, expert Amer Jawahery said in an interview with "(to the extent) not only organizations that advise the Iraqi government to take care of the development and diversification of the economy and increase employment opportunities and support the private sector, because the Iraqi government itself understands that it should be interested in this aspect: but its problem is the will is not The question of the World Bank's advice on employment does not mean that the government is employed, it means that the government supports private sector enterprises, executes major projects, supports the establishment of microenterprises and is supposed to take effective action. Jobs, but the problem is p M there is an attempt to develop and support the private sector.

Al-Jawahiri asserts that there is a lot of talk about projects, and there are many calls, suggestions and recommendations from the international organizations of the government, but there is a deficit and a gap between the strategies and the recommendations and the implementation. There is no honest party concerned with implementation. Here we have to be like the great countries that built themselves after the Second World War. A team that leads the economic file and this must be in Iraq also and that the decisions issued by the implementation of the inevitable and ensures all those concerned with the economy, whether government or private sector or civil society.

The latest report prepared by the World Bank is certainly in coordination with the Council of Ministers ministries, the private sector and civil society organizations, but there were many strategies and advice provided during the previous period and for a period of eight years why not implemented so far, but the advice It is not obligatory, but it is assumed by the government and all those responsible for the economic file of the country the duty of developing and revitalizing the economy, and as the current government has adopted reforms and has been thwarted by terrorism, but all these challenges must be an incentive to build self and meet the challenge and benefit from advice and advice, World Bank or other international financial organizations that have provided earlier in all the advice and assistance so we say that there is a moral and psychological commitment in exchange for building a country and people wearied.البنك-الدولي-يدعو-بغداد-لإعادة-بناء-العق


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