Market movement

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Market movement

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28/9/2017 12:00 am

Mohamed Sherif Abou Maysam
 Local markets are still affected by the deflationary situation caused by the shortage of cash due to the deficit in allocations of investment projects, despite what is said about the monetary block, which the central bank estimates about 70 percent of its cash.

This downturn is evident, and seems to be the inherited situation witnessed by the real sectors, especially the industrial sector, which is still moaning from the state of dumping of goods, despite the implementation of the Tariff Law, which in turn contributed to dedicating the state of deflation due to high prices of some goods and the absence of local alternative, SMEs in this sector continue to be disabled and unable to contribute to the supply of goods that meet market demand.

As well as the delay in implementing the initiative of the Central Bank related to the financing of sectoral projects (agricultural - industrial - real estate) despite the imposition of simplification mechanisms on specialized banks and the adoption of the electronic form in the presentation of loans, all this and related to increase the rates of collection and fees in service institutions that turn In turn, it reduces the promotion and follow-up of transactions, gives a clear idea to the observer of the urgent need to complete the elements of the market and regulate its relations as stipulated in the laws governing market relations, foremost among which are the laws (competition and antitrust, consumer protection, N. work .. and others).

Market movements can not organize and resist volatility unless market relations are organized, as the regularity of the latter will put an end to the market behavior and to unregistered activities, as well as the reduction of illicit means, primarily monopolies and dollar exchange rates in the parallel market.

As the market parallel to the market of the sale of currencies in the central bank, which is behind the fluctuations in the price of goods and services, need more regulation and not all attempts by the relevant parties and instructions issued by them to control them for the legal and executive reasons we have referred to.

It may be said that the nature of the system of market economy is based on the floating of currencies as exchange units for transactions in the market does not interfere with the state does not support them, which is true, although he ignores the role of the real state in the market economy, because the flotation without the completion of legal and procedural Which controls the elements of the market as an economic suicide, the first victims of the poor before the great damage to the structure of the economy for the benefit of owners of money and speculation, as well as the rise in the activities of the shadow economy, which is active in all economic activities not registered as well as graft .

Thus, the market will remain soft and subject to propaganda and rumors and the use of variables and events for the benefit of capital owners who control the paths of movement unless the laws that have been legislated.


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