Arab Monetary Fund issues a summary of the consolidated economic report

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Arab Monetary Fund issues a summary of the consolidated economic report

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07/4/2018 12:00 am

Baghdad / Al-Sabah
The Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) issued a summary of the 2017 Arab Consolidated Economic Report in English, which contains a brief analysis of the economic developments in the Arab countries.

The report starts with a brief review of the performance of the world economy in the first quarter, then moves on to the Arab economies, starting with economic and social developments in the second quarter, then developments in the agriculture and industry sectors in Chapter III and IV, oil and energy in Chapter 5.

The report then reviews the fiscal developments in Chapter 6, the monetary and banking developments and the developments of the capital markets in the Arab countries through Chapter VII, and then the eighth chapter moves to foreign trade and intra-trade. Chapter 9 deals with developments in the balance of payments, Exchange rates ".

He pointed out that the report focuses on the role of economic reforms in supporting growth in the Arab countries.

The report presents an overview of Arab development aid in Chapter 11. In highlighting the importance of joint Arab cooperation, this year's report discusses the Arab cooperation in the field of land transport. This version also contains a number of statistical annexes and tables related to the various chapters of the report.

The Arab Consolidated Economic Report is a model of fruitful cooperation between the Arab joint labor institutions. The Arab Monetary Fund, the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States, the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development and the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) are participating in the preparation.


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