Samir Nusseiri *: To the candidates of the elections: the people want a comprehensive program of economic reform

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Samir Nusseiri *: To the candidates of the elections: the people want a comprehensive program of economic reform

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by Samir Nusairi
- Posted on 09/04/2018

After a few days will begin advertising campaigns for candidates for the elections and will race blocks and parties to put their political and economic programs on the citizens. The voter should choose his candidate based on the achievements and achievements of Iraq and its people. Therefore, as a specialist in the economic and banking affairs, and in order to have a contribution to help all the candidates. Since the people want to adopt a comprehensive national program for economic reform during the next election cycle after the election results, the candidates proposed the following reform program.

an introduction

The majority of countries, especially the developing countries and Iraq, one of them, adopt their curricula and economic system on the thought, philosophy and ideology that the political system believes in and based on the economic, human and natural resources, infrastructure, infrastructure and infrastructure available to the economy and the strategic objectives required to achieve the welfare of society and secure the basic needs of the people and make it Feels that his political system is for his service and building his future. But this feeling does not find what is similar and reflect it in the particular political, security and economic circumstances that our country is currently experiencing, especially the suffering of the troubled economic reality and the economic and financial crisis, which have a clear impact on the obstruction of the implementation of government plans and the private sector to contribute to economic development as this crisis causes and consequences Current and future because of the sudden drop in oil prices in the world market, which is the main resource for Iraq economically, which is about 60% of GDP and 95% of the annual revenues in the public budget and the failure to clear the creation of resources A new economy and weak economic planning and the lack of coordination between the financial and monetary policies and the continuation of the deficit from year to year in the deficit in non-oil revenues and in public budgets and deficit in the balance of payments because of the absence of a sovereign fund similar to other oil countries.

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Samir al-Nasiri - The people want a comprehensive program of reform - liberatedسمير-النصيري-إلى-السادة-المرشحون-للان/


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