Iraqis celebrate the anniversary of salvation from the tyrant

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Iraqis celebrate the anniversary of salvation from the tyrant

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09/4/2018 12:00 am

Baghdad / Muhannad Abdul Wahab
A number of deputies considered that the ninth day of April carries two important incidents each year in the history of modern Iraq, explaining that the first is the assassination of Mr. martyr, Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr, by the regime of injustice and tyranny, while the second incident in the same time 2003 the overthrow Baath regime, explaining that the date of the fall of the idol represents the divine justice of the oppression of the tyrants also reflects the immortality of the martyr Sadr and with him the martyrs sacrificed for Iraq.
"The day of the fall of the idol is part of divine justice, so the day of the fall of the dictatorship is the day of the immortality of the martyr Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr and the convoys of the martyrs of Iraq," Sheikh Ahmed said.
Sheikh Ali said in an interview with Al-Sabah that the date of the fall of the idol launched the beginning of the process of changing Iraq and its future and political orientation and rebuilding Iraq's regional and global role through its participation with the world as a country with a history and human heritage that radiates the world. Is witnessing the transformation of the political process from one program to another and its first steps to combat terrorism and address the security challenges in addition to eliminating the legacy of sectarian and sectarian problems »Sheikh Ali said that« the past period needs to address many of the problems and challenges and a practical stand to identify the mistakes and disadvantages of the past phase Delicate to "The day of the fall of the idol is a day of fundamental change in the lives of Iraqis at all levels so it is necessary to take lessons and draw them the force of this change, which is a victory over the dictatorship." Salem, In an interview with «morning», that «the fall of the idol was recorded in the history of the Iraqis a day broke the restrictions and was eliminated from barbarism and tyranny», indicating that «starting from the date of the fall of dictatorship to freedom of freedom came to promote the culture of freedom among the Iraqi people». Salem said that "Iraq is working today through democratic tools in To express his ambition and the right to change through the ballot boxes », stressing that« the date of the crash of the idol is the history of freedom and freedom of the Iraqi people from the dictatorship ». For its part, described the National Alliance MP, Zeinab al-Khazraji, on April 9 as a transition in the lives of the Iraqi people from restrictions To democracy, pointing out that the democratic process in Iraq is still in progress despite the continuing terrorism, which is trying to return in Iraq to years of oppression and tyranny and tyranny. Al-Khazraji said for «morning», «the victories achieved by the army and the popular rally on terrorism confirmed the unity of the Iraqi people from Achieve all his dreams away from Dictatorship and defense of democracy achieved from the fall of the idol, "explaining that" the great achievements of the Iraqis produced a nation exercising its right to life and express its freedom and defend its choices in a free and dignified life. "She added that« liberating Iraq from authoritarianism was one of the most important events in the region Freedom must be upheld and not sacrificed for the future of future generations. "


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