Nujaifi: We support Abbadi for a second term, but on terms

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Nujaifi: We support Abbadi for a second term, but on terms

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Wednesday, April 11

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Vice President Osama al-Nujaifi said on Wednesday that the coalition led by Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi, but on condition that the political majority called by some quarters "an introduction to uniqueness."

Al-Nujaifi said in an interview with Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper and his Alsumaria News that "there is a clear difference in the period of Prime Minister Haider Abadi for the period of his predecessor Nuri al-Maliki," noting that "Abadi succeeded in some files, and do not forget that regional and international conditions helped him a lot, War against a terrorist organization ".

Al-Nujaifi added that "however, his success in general was a partial success, he did not progress a lot in the political arena, and the economic file is still a big imbalance," pointing out that "Abbadi is still clogged party constraints, where he could not get out of A cloak (Dawa Party), while he had a great opportunity to come into the national space with a new title.

Nujaifi stressed "his support for Abadi for a second term, but on condition that there be a clear program of action, and a real political partnership, but remains a potential partner."

Nujaifi expressed his rejection of the idea of ​​the political majority, pointing out that "the political majority can be a natural address in a country where democratic standards are correct."

He pointed out that "the political majority advocated by some political parties to the introduction of uniqueness, and will mean in fact a Shiite majority with Sunni and Kurdish margins," adding that "this is a new dictatorship in the name of the majority."

The Vice President Osama Najafi warned during a meeting with the head of the current wisdom Ammar al-Hakim, on Tuesday, the concept of the political majority and the uniqueness of a party or a sect or a person in the administration of the state.

This came after Vice President Nuri al-Maliki on more than one occasion on the political majority, saying that the fight against corruption and terrorism and quotas will be achieved only through the majority.ط£ط±ط¨ط¹ط©️-ظ‚طھظ„ظ‰-ظˆ12-ط¬ط±ظٹط­ط§-ظپظٹ-ط­طµظٹظ„ط©️-ط£ظˆظ„ظٹط©️-ظ„طھظپط¬/ar


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