Cabinet takes important decisions at its meeting today (expanded)

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Cabinet takes important decisions at its meeting today (expanded)

Post  Admin on Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:52 am

Release date: 2018/4/10 19:10

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Cabinet decided in its regular session to stop the sale and distribution of state-owned land to prevent its employment in the elections, while the implementation of sewage projects in a number of areas of the outskirts of Baghdad.

"The Cabinet held its regular session on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi, and a vote was taken to launch the conditional conditional payments program in the Sadr district," the statement said. (8 / II) of the Social Protection Act No. 11 of 2014 on probation for two years} ".

"The Council voted to open an honorary consulate of the Republic of Hungary in the province of Najaf, and was voted on the tender design and establishment of banks of isolation 3.4.5 in the field of Gharraf two oil companies of Dhi Qar and Malaysia's Petronas."

"According to Animal Health Act No. 32 of 2013, the Council decided to pay the compensation of projects infected with bird flu from the special account of the Supreme Committee for Avian Influenza and the transfer of funds to the Ministry of Agriculture and conduct according to the controls."

He pointed out that "the meeting reviewed the current water situation and water revenues for this year after the completion of the winter plan, where irrigated areas amounted to 406 million acres compared to the plan 4 million and discuss the procedures of securing drinking water and agriculture for the upcoming summer season."

He explained that the committee in Baghdad and the competent provinces to follow up the requests of citizens and their recommendations were approved by the Prime Minister and the implementation of sewage projects that cause great problems for citizens, especially in the areas of Fadhilah and Nahrawan and seven wells and Husseiniya and Diyala bridge and factories and other areas.

"The Ministries of Health, Finance and Higher Education, in coordination with the Economic Reform Unit of the Prime Minister's Office, will review the numbers of those covered by the central distribution of medical and health personnel," the council said.

He pointed out that "while the Council of Ministers affirms its commitment to ensure adequate housing conditions for our people, and that the right of citizens to obtain land or housing units is governed by laws and decisions in force it is decided to stop sales or allocation of land or state-owned housing units in all ministries, Which is linked to the Ministry, to be decided after the elections, to ensure justice and fairness, and applies to all cases that took place as of 2/1/2018. "


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