Deputy: Passing controversial laws to the rest of the parliament just for media consumption

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Deputy: Passing controversial laws to the rest of the parliament just for media consumption

Post  Admin on Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:07 am

Date of release: 2018/4/11 10:49

Ruled out a deputy for a coalition of state law, passing bills of various important between the political blocs in the last session of parliament scheduled next week.

"Most of the controversial laws will go to the next session because of the lack of political consensus on them and the difficulty of holding a full session of the quorum for not attending the majority of the members of the House of Representatives for their preoccupation with the upcoming election campaign," Mansour al-Baiji said in a statement.

He explained that "most of the laws stalled there is a political dispute between the political blocs did not reach an agreement on them in the past period, how is passed."

He explained that "during the previous two sessions there is almost known that the laws that have not been passed and there is a political dispute deferred throughout the life of the parliamentary session and then go to the next session and this is the case as a result of the so-called government partnership or political consensus that brought us to what we are" .

Al-Baiji added that "any controversial law does not agree on it does not pass within the House of Representatives, and there are a number of them such as oil and gas law and the Federal Court and the Federal Service Council and other objectors, so do not pass," pointing out that "talk about passing controversial laws during the remainder of the Omar told the House of Representatives just a media talk to the presidency because it is well aware that it is impossible to achieve this without political consensus on it.

It is scheduled to hold the House of Representatives last meeting on 17 of this month.


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