Islamic banks and technical knowledge

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Islamic banks and technical knowledge

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14/4/2018 12:00 am

Eman Alosi
The technological revolution has brought about tremendous changes in various aspects of human life. It has led to a widespread and renewed spread in the field of electronic communications and attracting investment based on building intellectual capital as an effective competitive tool in the knowledge economy, including financial and banking sectors.
Recent terms such as banking remote electronic, home banking, online banking and self-service banking have emerged and to facilitate the management of customers' accounts and business related to the bank everywhere, any time .
Partnerships between traditional banks and technology companies have expanded to provide financial products and services to Internet users as a result of the availability of an enabling environment and the acquisition of IT tools, and the integration of information technology and telecommunications technology has been rapid.
With regard to Islamic banks, in recent years, they have faced new challenges in the form of fierce competition by international banks, characterized by the rise, development and increasing activity of its services, where modern technological tools, human knowledge and capital are available to achieve more innovation and financial returns and enhance their competitiveness.
The Islamic financial sector needs modern technology to compete in international markets. Islamic banks must adopt an independent vision and a comprehensive development plan to launch their Shari'a compliant products using modern technology in a creative and innovative way. The Islamic Sharia'a compliant Smart Islamic Banking System For the purpose of providing Islamic banking services that meet the wishes of customers in a modern and electronic way.
The expansion of Islamic banks in the provision of electronic services E. Banking provides many advantages and opportunities for its current and future markets and improve the quality of banking services and reduce the cost of services through the use of advanced information technology in the design and delivery of banking services and the development and preparation of human resources working in Islamic banks to acquire knowledge and skills in the use of machinery Technological equipment and Internet-based service delivery, higher profits, and the greatest possible benefit from the huge costs of technology investments.
The future will witness the development of Islamic banks in providing their services and products with the highest standards of technology without compromising their Islamic character to meet the needs of their customers and achieve the highest competitive ability with conventional banks.


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