The next economic program

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The next economic program

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17/4/2018 12:00 am

Haidar Kazem al-Baghdadi
Waiting and anticipation of the economic circles to find out the new, which will take place on the reality of the Iraqi market after the elections, which must be carrying an economic program able to change the reality of the economy towards a better stage.
The Iraqi economy is a major utility portal locally, regionally and internationally. It requires sound economic programs by the responsible figures. An economic program is urgently needed to move the country towards safety by moving the productive and service sectors that must be supported by a solid banking sector.
It is hoped that the next economic program will carry solid plans that promote the actual transition to an open market economy, which depends on the private sector to manage the local economy and take its actual role in enhancing the economic capabilities of the country by activating the investment aspects.
In the midst of domestic and international desires to invest in employment opportunities, we must identify the reasons that hindered the arrival of investments in Iraq and contain them as quickly as possible. The international effort recognizes the importance of the country's economic capabilities. This requires us to recognize this interest and employ it to achieve the highest economic feasibility.
Economists and interested in it and in various disciplines and through accumulated experience in the field and theory are working to intensify the proposals, which represent solutions to many economic problems suffered by the country in a chronic manner.
Making use of the experts' opinions is very important and can be the main pillars of a new economic program that will take the sectors to safety and start operating the productive and service sectors. It can draw up plans to produce production in a phased manner and from the right place to take the development of all work joints and feed the local market. Though relatively first.
Economic programs must be present in the electoral forum so that the candidate is closer to the economic reality of a country described as rich and suffers from chronic problems in need of successful solutions where the economic and political meet to paint both new courses of action. It requires the politician to create requirements that contribute to improving the work environment. The role of the economic executive or directed to the executive effort, which must be adopted to start the development work sought by Iraq.
Available resources and expertise Support any development process that promotes the national economy and change its shape. The need for an ideal working environment will only move all efforts and invest the natural and human resources as well as the advanced international effort to advance Iraq and make it a eighth economic tiger.


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