Abadi: Our actions against spoilers clear message to hunt wanted

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Abadi: Our actions against spoilers clear message to hunt wanted

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Baghdad / Follow-up morning
Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said that the recent measures to arrest the corrupt and bring them from outside Iraq to appear before the judiciary, is a clear message to all corrupt and wanted that the hand of justice will reach them wherever they are, and confirmed that the citizen is to be determined through participation in the elections and vote the form of the next government , Stressed that he will not cover up any "corrupt" evidenced by the evidence either in his electoral list or other lists, and revealed Abadi on the reason behind the delay in the implementation of the decision of the Council of Ministers to restore the recalcitrant contracts from the Ministries of Defense and Interior, stressing that the lack of legislation provision provision by the Council Allen A father in the budget to restore the aging of their contracts was the reason behind the delay in their return.

This comes at a time when the Cabinet voted in its meeting on Tuesday to establish the model industrial cities and directed the establishment of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher Education to submit a draft resolution on the subject of graduates of colleges and health and medical institutes with a comparative table of numbers Graduates will be presented during the next session, and a vote was taken to resolve the issue of investors accumulated on them the benefits of loans and insolvent payment because of the failure of their projects for reasons beyond their control.

Press conference
Abadi said in his weekly press conference yesterday: "We have launched large-scale operations to pursue the Da'ash terrorist gangs in Nineveh and western Anbar in the Upper Euphrates and Al-Jazeera areas up to the Syrian border, and this effort will continue from our security forces because the terrorists are trying through their hot spots on the Syrian side to sneak into "We have dismantled several cells of these terrorists, and confirm that they have not and will not be able to control any spot of Iraqi land, but they are through cells of 2-4 elements trying to launch to carry out terrorist operations against citizens and security forces, We have killed dozens of them and destroyed their additions. Our goal is to protect the Iraqi territories. We will not allow a gang to regain its breath. We have pursued its economic activity through some of the resources that it has been exploiting and our efforts to pursue and eradicate it will only stop with a final break. International or regional conflict ".
"Our efforts are continuing in the fight against corruption and we are involved. The Supreme Anti-Corruption Committee chaired by the Prime Minister held an important meeting last week and discussed steps of cooperation with Interpol and friendly countries in order to restore the wanted persons. "The cooperation with INTERPOL has resulted in the arrest of one of the most wanted men on corruption charges for the Iraqi judiciary, where he exploited his position to control and embezzle billions of dinars through arms contracts and others," he said.
"The idea of ​​arresting corrupt fugitives is that we send a strong message to the two wanted fugitives inside and outside Iraq that they will not escape punishment or justice no matter how long they have gone or the geography is over. We will pursue them anywhere in the world. Others who have been accused of corruption "The transfer of the headquarters of the network from Tunis to Baghdad is only a recognition of the recovery of Iraq and the role of the growing country," Abadi told the Arab Anti-Corruption Network conference held recently in Baghdad. In achieving integrity and transparency Prosecute corrupt. "
"Many projects have been disrupted in recent years because of the terrorist control of some areas and the financial crisis caused by the drop in oil prices, which caused great damage to the contractors. We have formed a committee to manage the Financial Control Bureau, He has audited the financial claims of the contractors, where the actual claims and documents amounted to about 5 trillion dinars after the amount before the audit about 8 trillion dinars, and we have already launched more than a year about 40 percent of these receivables, and ordered us to launch 30 percent before "The contractor segment is important in the development and rotation of the economy and we are concerned about their survival and the continuation of their work in Iraq and provide all the guarantees and support to work properly and safely, because they constitute an important link in the construction and reconstruction workshops, In the country".
Al-Abbadi referred to his recent visit to Al-Muthanna province and the opening of several projects in the fields of electricity, construction and services, his meeting with citizens in Samawah and the recognition of their requests, as well as his visit to a number of martyrs' families. Forget them or forget their families who sacrificed and offered the homeland a lot. "

Ministerial Summary
Al-Abbadi gave a brief presentation of the most important session of the Council of Ministers. He said: "The Board reviewed the report of the Office of the Consolidated Financial Supervisory Board on the revenues and expenditures realized outside the budget and the program of regional development of local governments for the years 2015-2016. And we note that there are some excesses on some of these revenues through the abuse of powers and mismanagement in the provinces, and we confirm that the money must go correctly to real projects and services to citizens, and voted on the establishment of industrial cities, and we want to increase this Activity, for the creation of job opportunities for citizens, as well as its contribution directly to the economic development, and to maximize the non-oil revenues, and the voice of the Council as well as the contract for the purchase and processing of US rice from the global stock market, which is difficult to manipulate its prices or manipulate the quality of imported materials through which. "
Abadi pointed out the vote on the recommendations of the ministerial economic committee on the project to modernize the financial systems. He pointed out that "there is a diligent work by the government to complete the automation approach and modernize the systems in all state institutions, including the financial system. Medical and health for the purpose of issuing a decision to allocate new degrees of employment for them in health institutions after we have allocated 15 thousand degrees of employment previously and were appointed to the staff of the Ministry of Health, "Abadi said that" the Council voted on the recommendation of the Energy Committee on the assignment of service contract for the field east of Baghdad - And the importance of the investment of this field in meeting the need of Baghdad and its parties of oil derivatives. The Council also voted to resolve the issue of investors accumulated the benefits of loans and insolvent payment because of the failure of their projects for reasons beyond their control.

Press questions
The prime minister then received the questions of journalists at the conference, which touched on various topics. As for the rumors raised by some about allowing some of the corrupt to enter his electoral list, Abadi replied that "the candidates on our list are about 560 candidates from all over Iraq. "We will not cover up anyone involved in corruption with evidence, and we will not hesitate to hold corrupt people accountable," he said.
The Prime Minister replied to journalists about some of the harassment they are subjected to by the security services, saying: "The security services are struggling and acting in accordance with the situation facing them, and the security component in some cases to take immediate action, the freedom of the press is protected, and in all countries of the world, there are procedures The security of the competent state organs in the event of any security breach, and it does not allow the publication of photographs of the victims or places where the violations occur, because this leads to the loss of evidence and possibly photography serves terrorist parties without deliberate, and here I call for cooperation between the media and security services and we will address any Problematic that could occur between them, " "I insisted on the participation of the special forces in the fight against Da'ash, and gave great sacrifices and sacrifices to protect Baghdad and the state institutions during the fighting," Abadi told the Special Task Force charged with protecting the security of the Green Zone. On the document, which was promoted on the social networking sites issued by the National Security regarding the removal of the names of some personalities from the security controls, Abadi said: "There has been a lot of pressure on this document, and I have nothing to do from near or far, as there is a National Reconciliation Commission "The committee has raised some names who have not been proven to be involved in supporting terrorism, and I repeat that I have no interest in it and not the prime minister who decides the work of this committee."
Regarding the delay in reviving their contracts in the ministries of defense and interior, Abadi said, "The House of Representatives has passed a previous law on the seizure of the property of members and members of the former regime, and strange that after the issuance of the accountability and justice list of names recently under this law, The figures that voted on the law !! And what happened with regard to the issue of the retired contracts, the situation is similar, where the House of Representatives issued a text that is difficult to apply, where the reinstated contracts without the provision of a paragraph for their financial allocations within the budget, and some try to exploit this category for electoral purposes, We are trying to address them in another after reviewing all lists Mufsukh contracts and check the reasons for leaving the service, and we are currently discussing a deal with the financial allocations for this segment. "
"The best way to know the form of government is the broad participation of citizens in the upcoming elections, because the citizen will determine and shape the government through the list or figures that trust," Abadi said. And I have come up with several projects that envisage the form of the next government, such as majority and consensus, and declared frankly, I will not be part of any future government based on quotas because it was the cause of the destruction of the country.

Session of the Council of Ministers
The cabinet held its regular session on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. According to a statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office of Information received by the "morning", the Council of Ministers reviewed the report of the Office of the Consolidated Financial Control on revenues and expenditures realized outside the budget and the program of development of local governments for two years
(2015-2016), and voted on the establishment of model industrial cities.
The vote on the endorsement of the recommendation of the Committee on Economic Affairs on the minutes of the meeting of the Committee on Amending Airport Fees was also voted on. The recommendation of the Economic Affairs Committee regarding the modernization of public financial management systems Loan financed by the World Bank.
The Council of Ministers instructed the Cabinet Secretariat, the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher Education to submit a draft resolution on the subject of graduates of colleges and health and medical institutes.
The Council voted on the recommendation of the Energy Committee on the transfer of the service contract for the field east of Baghdad - the southern part between the Central Oil Company and the Chinese company Gehna. The Council approved the recommendations of the Economic Committee on the Development Fund's borrowers (canceled) the fairness of the private industrial sector, and voted to resolve the issue of investors accumulated benefits Loans and insolvencies due to the failure of their projects for reasons beyond their control.
The Council of Ministers also voted on the Iraqi Trade Bank (TBI) to activate the loan contract of Al-Zora General Company of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals for the purpose of implementing the contract concluded by the aforementioned company with the Ministry of Electricity to equip it with power stations to serve the liberated areas.
In the meantime, Abadi discussed with the special envoy of US President Brett McCork, in the presence of the official of the file on Iraq and Iran in the United States Andrew Beck, and Ambassador Douglas Silliaman, bilateral relations between the two countries and the situation in the region.
A statement from the Prime Minister's Office received by Al-Sabah said that Abadi met with Mubarak and discussed with him the relations between the two countries and the political, security and economic developments, the stage of construction and reconstruction in Iraq, the situation in the region and the elimination of the remaining terrorist gang cells.
Abadi stressed Iraq's determination to succeed in uniting Iraqis towards the goal of reconstruction and providing a climate conducive to investment, pointing to the importance of stability in the region and to prevent the causes of tension and focus on ending terrorism.
McCurwer said that the United States believes that Iraq is moving in the right direction, stressing his country's support for Iraq in the reconstruction phase and the strengthening of security.
McCork expressed support for the United States and its support for Iraq's position on the need to end remaining pockets of Syria and fortify the Iraqi border from infiltration attempts by terrorists.



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