Economic Development Projects

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Economic Development Projects

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24/4/2018 12:00 am

Haidar Kazem al-Baghdadi
Promoting and stabilizing Iraq requires economic development that is a goal of the public and private sectors.

Development in all sectors is inevitable and requires the availability of a suitable environment commensurate with the international effort specialized in the ability to work in Iraq, in light of the current situation in the country, especially as we are well aware that the international effort examines the working environment in all aspects, and then comes the weight of work and investment when available Attractive circumstances that confirm the great benefit to the two sides of the investor who needs to maintain his reputation and the beneficiary who needs the project, whatever it was.

In order to create an effective economy in the regional and international arenas, it is necessary to work hard and fast to overcome a number of legislative and executive determinants and to prioritize sectors from one sector to the other, in harmony with the future guarantees that are the most important elements of attraction.

Iraq is looking for sustainable economic development through the exploitation of natural and human resources in this field. The investment environment that attracts the international effort requires the activation of the financial market through strict laws suited to the stage and the adoption of advanced technologies that will deal with the market through the advanced technology that invaded the globe.

We must focus on development that requires a solid financial sector, which necessitates the enactment of a new banking law that strengthens the financial sector and makes it able to provide sophisticated products commensurate with the need of the local effort working outside Iraq, as well as the international effort owner of the best technologies and the researcher for such products congruent and work requirements Especially since development is the most important requirement for banks operating in advanced technologies
Deal with a large financial block as it gets around the world.

The presence of an effective banking sector with advanced mechanisms and offering products that compete with international banks is an absolute necessity, and with an effective insurance sector in dealing with a large volume of projects, we have created an integrated private sector.

The development of our country, which is the owner of wealth and is seeking to invest it in an optimal manner, requires an integrated social security law that can benefit from international experience, a pension law for all Iraqis guaranteeing their pension rights and changing the culture of dependence on government jobs.

The present time requires the work of the National Investment Commission to develop a marketing mechanism to bring real investments and international companies solid and classified on the international list, and set priorities in the investment work to be able to take a steady pace towards real development.


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