Action against corruption and challenges

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Action against corruption and challenges

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24/4/2018 12:00 am

Abdul Aziz Subhi Al Khudairy
In a meeting with Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abbadi and his vision, which was characterized by credibility and comprehensiveness, put his hand on the reservoir of the problem, and the location of the wound in the case of rampant corruption, where he said: "The routine, and the complexity of administrative procedures in government institutions is the most important factor of the spread of this negative phenomenon" Exploitation of positions for material gain.

The specialized researchers have identified the phenomenon of administrative and financial corruption as a term intended for irregularities and crimes committed by the public employee.

It can be divided into three types: the first involves the exploitation of the job for personal interests; the second type violates internal regulations; and the third type is linked to financial abuses such as bribery Embezzlement, and other financial excesses.

The researchers discussed the phenomenon of administrative and financial corruption in Iraq, it is very shameful to include Iraq among the five most corrupt countries in the world in the report of Transparency in 2016, and despite the fact that this deadly community scourge in the past, and known throughout the ages, We find it pervasive here and there. The danger of this phenomenon is reflected in the fact that it causes the administrative system to fail and prevents societies and states from catching up with the path of civilized progress and prosperity among nations and peoples. There is no economic recovery (industrial and commercial). Government The gap widens and the danger increases.

From our point of view, we have occupied this negative situation in our country because it is not about the great effects and obstacles we face in our daily dealings as a private sector with government institutions, but because it penetrates deep into the moral system of the society and its individuals. And the subsequent generations as well. Therefore, we have taken a serious and effective stand to address and correct what happened since 2003 and today, from the collapse of some concepts and the human values ​​of society, which give our Iraqi people their cultural identity, which is proud of every citizen,
Citizenship .

It was necessary for us, after sensing the scourge of administrative and financial corruption and our suffering for its dangerous negative effects, to look for the real reasons for it. We propose effective solutions to eliminate them in cooperation with the officials, headed by the respected Prime Minister and his support in his great campaign to fight corruption and punish the corrupt. A lack of experience, efficiency and effectiveness, and in disregard of the public interest, will lead to bad and harmful effects at all levels, for example, but not limited to the following practices:

1 - Violation of laws, and contrary to the values, and the principles raised by them, and instilled in the Islamic religion, and the common sense, which God broke the human as a creature honored by God mind, and ordered the building of the earth, and his successor
on her .

2 - Routine killer, and sterility, and the large number of obstacles, and the difficulties in the daily reviews between the citizens of the State Departments, making him have no choice but to engage with them in corruption, and provides them with bribes in order to get the need and legitimate rights, or lose those rights, His suffering is increasing.

3. The prevalence of nepotism and the loss of democracy.
Proposed solutions to address administrative corruption:

1 - Establishing monitoring bodies and accounting in the management of administrative affairs in governmental institutions, for example establishing an independent body to reduce the routine, and government reviews by automation and electronic information management, in order to increase productivity and reduce waste in time, effort and speed of delivery and quality This body has a supreme authority and is linked to the highest levels in the state.

It also has the power of judicial control. Follow-up of administrative corruption requires an organizational decision from the government and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The Commission is an integrated body that fulfills all powers. High level government agencies, and accountability of each administrative officer by providing a financial report on his or her personal income; to be held accountable if he / she uses his / her job.

2 - Declaration of the State strategy in the fight against corruption, dissemination and education, as well as the existence of the secret guard to follow up the work of ministries, the lack of state institutions result in the exploitation of power and dictatorship in decision-making without oversight, or accountability.

3 - Receiving citizens complaints, grievances by e-mail, or telecommunications company, and verified through a committee of specialists in legal affairs, and then send them to the concerned authorities to respond to these complaints,
And grievances.
(Penal Code No. 111 of 1969), as amended by the Penal Code No. 111 of 1969, which is considered an offense against the duties of the post in articles 223 and 224, Other materials.

5 - The establishment of provisions, and procedures to prosecute those who pay or expose bribery to an employee, the person who offers bribery is also criminally responsible, and the mechanisms of controlling administrative corruption, preventive and remedial example of selecting the appropriate employee in the right place,
-employees .

6 - Dissemination of the rules of conduct in government institutions, and private in order to ensure integrity (eg, ethics of doctors, pharmacists, etc.) according to each ministry, and the provision of strict provisions to prevent the acceptance of gifts or material amounts or moral services to any employee in order to expedite, And to expedite the completion of the work of the employee responsible for his performance by virtue of his work, or to refrain from performing the work entrusted to him, or mediated employee to another employee to violate the legislation in force Yeh .

In conclusion, we say that countries seek to advance, promote and strive to eliminate corruption so that they can achieve advancement and development in all areas through adopting methods and legal procedures that regulate and regulate the functioning and performance of work, prevent slippage and career deviation and achieve equality in dealing with Citizens, and provide all guarantees, and achieves administrative control in government institutions, and private, up to the flowers, and progress. Federation of Iraqi Industries


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