Parliament: Parliament will hold its regular sessions in June

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Parliament: Parliament will hold its regular sessions in June

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 28, 2018 5:33 am

April 28, 2018

Baghdad - Journal News

The head of the parliamentary legal committee MP Mohsen al-Saadoun the possibility of holding a meeting of the House of Representatives to approve some laws before the end of the current session.

Saadoun said that "the current session ends on the first of July, two months later, and this is a constitutional time, so it is possible to pass some important laws after the end of the legislative holiday for the last semester of the current session, which lasts one month, and ends on June 1.

He explained that "during the month of June next the House of Representatives can hold regular or extraordinary sessions, and this is up to the Presidency of the House of Representatives and the seriousness of political blocs in the adoption of some laws that serve the Iraqi street."

Al-Saadoun pointed out that "the holding of the parliamentary elections on 12 May next and the announcement of their results, and the ratification of the Federal Court and the President of the results of its results may take more than three months, so it is possible that the current parliament to hold some meetings to pass some important laws."القانونية-النيابية-البرلمان-سيعقد-جل/


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