Financial Inclusion Week continues its field activities

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Financial Inclusion Week continues its field activities

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30/4/2018 12:00 am

Baghdad / Al-Sabaj
The week of financial coverage continues its program amid great interaction by the public at different levels, as most of those involved with these events were not aware or aware of the banking products offered and the benefit they achieve to all segments of society through financial coverage.

Spokesman for the Central Bank of Iraq d. Bassem Abdul Hadi pointed out to "prepare a special program on this occasion in cooperation with the Association of Iraqi private banks over the days of 25-30 of this month, the most prominent of which included the celebrations will be a visit to some schools and the distribution of gifts encouraging children to save, as well as the establishment of exhibitions of banking services in A number of Iraqi universities and some centers
the public".

Bank Products
Hashemi pointed out that "the past few days have achieved their objectives by targeting all segments of society who have not previously seen what serves them from banking products provided through the Inclusion Program
Financial. "

The Arab countries celebrate the Arab Day of Financial Inclusion on April 27 of each year. The day was chosen as it coincides with the founding day of the Arab Monetary Fund. The celebrations extend over a whole week through the establishment of a number of unified activities and events in all countries.

Director of Training and Management of the Association of Iraqi Banks, Ahmed Al-Hashemi, told Al-Sabah that "the week of financial inclusion is a first step on the path of restoring confidence between the public and the banking system. The interaction between the two parties has encouraged everyone to expand this initiative, The places of presentation of financial inclusion and their presence to the end, is an achievement, especially that many did not know the existence of services that meet the needs and looking for progress from them free of charge by the banking system or at nominal prices
, And yesterday witnessed the organization of an event at the Babylon Mall in Baghdad, during which 165 awards presented by banks were presented with a transparent drawing and in the presence of 17 banks awards cards
Banking ".

The last days witnessed the organization of five exhibitions of banks and financial companies operating in Iraq in universities and centers of commercial and cultural public, on the occasion of the week of inclusion money, and participated in these events more than 40 banks and financial companies.

Hashemi pointed out that "the banks distributed more than 2000 bank cards in addition to the opening of bank accounts and receive thousands of applications from citizens for loans," and will be held in the coming days exhibitions at the universities of Baghdad and the two rivers to introduce the importance of the bank in the economy and achieve
Development ".

The representative of the company Key Card International, Ahmed Alaa explained that the company's accession to the activities of the week of financial inclusion came after the directives of the Central Bank and the Association of Iraqi private banks.

He added that the company will distribute 300 free card cards to citizens during the week, which will contribute to increase their knowledge of the evolving payments and utility
To the public.

Noting that "the reality of electronic transactions in the evolution is continuous and this is what should be a citizen fully informed of the most important services that must be submitted to
Citizens ".


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