I will not be around much, but I will do what I can!!!!!

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I will not be around much, but I will do what I can!!!!!

Post  Admin on Thu May 03, 2018 8:33 am

As some of you know My Mum is not doing well at all, she is now in the hands of Hospice, Her and I have been in this venture together in the Dinar now for since 2006, she may not see this come to fruition, though I have been in this since the end of 2003. I know she wants this for all of us, when I was going to see her when she was coherent and was talking we would discuss the Dinar.

Now in the past 2 weeks she has gone down hill, she had several days of has TIA's which are seizures/strokes that cannot be picked up by any scans or MRI's, she has stopped eating, talking, and she has lost 20% of her body weight and some of her medical test were not good. It is up-to the person upstairs of when she goes and sees the rest of the family. So if you can give me a little time, I will still post when I can.



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