Deputy for patriotism: Obadi's second term will not be easy

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Deputy for patriotism: Obadi's second term will not be easy

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Special Mawazine News

MP for the National Coalition Kamel al-Ghurairi, Sunday, that the arrival of Prime Minister Haider Abadi on a second term will not be easy, considering that the promises and slogans launched by the candidates, including victory electoral propaganda to win the Iraqi street.

Al-Ghurairi told Mawazine News that "every candidate politician works to get votes through the promises and slogans that he raises." He pointed out that "most of these promises are electoral to gain the Iraqi street."

He added that "these promises will not pass us to safety, but there should be a public awareness of how to choose the appropriate prime minister."

Al-Ghurairi said that "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has a special political program of his own, and the Iraqi people the right to be convinced whether or not the program," noting that "it is not easy to get a second term, because competition is severe."

On Saturday, April 14, 2018, the propaganda campaign for the Iraqi parliamentary elections scheduled for May 12, in which thousands of candidates compete, to get seats in the 328 seats.نائب-عن-الوطنية-حصول-العبادي-على-ولاية-ثانية-لن-يكون-سهلا/سياسية


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