Abadi: Elimination of the corrupt in my second state!

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Abadi: Elimination of the corrupt in my second state!

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May 10, 2018 11:59 AM

Iraqi Position Network

The Prime Minister, "Haider Abadi," said Thursday that he will not be in a future government does not consider the fight against corruption a priority, while referring to the approach of consensus in naming the government proved to fail and must be the formation of the government on the basis of competencies and not party affiliation.

"The Iraqi position" that he took over the leadership of the country when it was collapsed militarily in front of an advocacy organization and that many saw that Iraq was broken and ended before we go back and defeated the organization calling, recalling that the victory over this organization was over 3 years after that The world considered it impossible to eliminate it.

He added that "Abadi" that there is a significant change occurred on the Iraqi army and police, dealing with the soldier and the officer in the army, regarding the treatment of the security man with the citizens, stressing that "some Western capitals surprised quickly victory on a preacher a year ago."

The Prime Minister revealed that when he announced the victory over the "calling" in 2017, some Western capitals contacted their embassies to ask: "Is this true? Is it possible that Iraqi forces have arrived and seized the Iraqi-Syrian border so quickly? "

He added: "Abadi" did not stop when fighting corruption, but turned the fight against corruption to a methodology in the state, began to establish the presence of young enthusiastic and trained them, as we requested international expertise, adding, I have national constants and I have a project, it is not important to judge or become prime minister. To which we agree, we must all agree.

Abadi stressed that he would not be in a government that does not consider combating corruption a priority. He pointed out that "the consensus system has proved a failure because it is based on the interests of the parties at the expense of the national interest."



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