Most of the news today 5-10-18 is about the Iraqi Elections

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Most of the news today 5-10-18 is about the Iraqi Elections

Post  Admin on Thu May 10, 2018 9:40 am

Most of the news that is coming out today is on the Iraqi Elections

The Elections started already: Early Voting

In other Countries
Military/ Police

They have found some issues but they are over coming the problems.

Now if you are reading the papers be very careful of the papers there are a lot of misleading articles out there.

I should now I got caught up in it my self.

I will be in and out all day long of reading myself, I want this as bad as you. This site is a free site and you are more than welcome to join and post, as long as it relates to the dinar or the VND you are more than welcome to tell everyone to join us, I do not predict a rate or a date because I do not know, only from what I see in the papers. I am not a Guru! nor do I have Intel from others I just use common sense.  As most of you now I and some others that are friends we have been in this for 15 years. So do not get frustrated, have Patience in will come.



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