Candidate: The coalition of victory may get from 45 to 50 seats in parliament

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Candidate: The coalition of victory may get from 45 to 50 seats in parliament

Post  Admin on Tue May 15, 2018 8:53 am

Tuesday 15 May 2018 - 02:17 PM

The candidate for the coalition of victory Hussein al-Marabi that the number of seats in the coalition between 45 to 50 seats in the House of Representatives next after the announcement of the final results of the ballot, adding that the victory in the provinces of Nineveh and Salahuddin exceeded expectations.

Al-Marabi said in a statement to Al-Marbad radio that the victory coalition surprised everyone after getting seats in the provinces where he did not have a large presence, including Nineveh, the seven-seat and Salahuddin, the 3 seats, noting that the coalition may get another 10 seats across the country after Add the results of the ballot for prisoners and voting abroad, the total number of seats of the coalition between 45 and 50 seats.

Al-Marabi pointed out that all the blocs began to launch statements about the new alliances, some of which refer to the formation of an alliance between (conquest and wisdom and the rule of law) 91 seats, and another refers to the alliance (Victory with the rule of law), and the third indicates that the return of blocks (conquest and victory) And the rule of law and wisdom) to the umbrella of the National Alliance to form 185 seats, pointing out that the latter option is the best among the options on the political arena, especially that that option avoided the direction of a number of blocks to form an opposition that may lead to sedition.

He revealed that the current Prime Minister Haidar Abadi is the closest to take over the prime minister for a second session, especially that he enjoys the acceptability of 50% of the political blocs, unlike the head of a coalition of law Nuri al - Maliki, who is expected to meet objections from most of the political blocs, The number of people on the scene to be prime minister is very limited.


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