Abadi: The next government must be strong

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Abadi: The next government must be strong

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16/5/2018 12:00 am

Baghdad / Al-Sabah
Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi stressed the need for the next government to be strong and fight corruption strongly, stressing the importance of absorbing all the winning blocs in the elections and not to approach anyone at the expense of another in the next government, which stressed the need not to delay in its formation, Candidates to fill the next portfolios of technocrats and not only politicians, while calling for the Electoral Commission, resolving the problem of Kirkuk elections through counting and sorting by hand.

This comes at a time when the Electoral Commission announced on Tuesday the results of the elections in the remaining two provinces, "Kirkuk and Dahuk" after it announced in the past days the results of 16 provinces, at a time when the Arabs and Turkmans in Kirkuk to conduct manual counting and counting of the results of elections in polling stations Of the Arab regions
And Turkmen.

"We have had contacts with the leaders of all the blocs, including the bloc (s), and I have made it clear to everyone that we need to absorb everyone and do not bring anyone at the expense of another and not delay the formation of the government .. We must accommodate all those who want to work," Abadi said during his weekly press conference. With us within certain grounds, including rejection of the principle of quotas and candidates to fill the ministries of technocrats and not only politicians, and must be the next government is strong and fighting corruption strongly and not under the influence of party quotas, sectarian or factional .. The people consists of several spectra and no exception I wish I could see the element A feminist present in the new government. "

On the repercussions of the election results in Kirkuk, Abadi said, "The Council of Ministers called on the Independent Electoral Commission to deal transparently with the appeals submitted to it on the results of the elections and conduct the audits seriously according to the law, and must be investigating the violations and make sure that the work of electronic devices sound As some of the devices may operate contrary to what was supposed to. "

"I met with representatives of the province of Kirkuk and other provinces and there is a specific request to examine the ballot boxes and equipment in Kirkuk, and we believe that the duty of the Commission to maintain the security situation in Kirkuk and other provinces so as not to turn appeals to a conflict between the blocks themselves and the public as well, and resolve this situation Quickly".



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